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    Default Sage Motive and Method

    Went to IFly in Houston that FTU's big open house today. At both I cast the Method in 8 & 9wt.

    Also cast the Motive.

    I mostly fish in salt and bass with 7-9 wt so both of these rods are in this range.

    The Method is one very nice rod. it is fast but not harsh, very controllable (something I don't find in the Xi3). It feel much lighter in effort that the rod wt. This is a rod I could use when much of the fishing requires beau coup blind casting. It can pope a 75'+ cast very easily, but it is very accurate, ie controllable. Down side $810, hard for a suburban dad with my sons/fishing buddies entering college.

    Also cast the Motive. Honestly it's a nice rod but darn if I could tell it from my Flight. IMHO it's the same blank painted blue with different reel seat. Good rod but not the Method.

    I got to quit casting better rods, when I can't afford it. But I really really want the Method.

    Pete A.
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    Default Re: Sage Motive and Method

    Casting fly rods at shows is like test driving cars at the dealership. Very dangerous for the wallet.

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