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Thread: Question regarding oversize rod for smaller flies?

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    Default Re: Question regarding oversize rod for smaller flies?

    I love the two NRX's I own but have not loved all I have cast. Though not the #6 the 5-weight was not for me. Now apparently the NRX LP are somewhat different tapers but I have no experience with them so...with spring runoff no doubt commencing with your warm time for you to go test 6-weight s for us. I know you will do a thorough job but I am uncertain if there is a T&T dealer in you area. I am giving some thought to Method #6 which is a little extreme.

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    Default Re: Question regarding oversize rod for smaller flies?

    Quote Originally Posted by S&S
    Have any of you ever fished an Orvis Boron-Graphite?
    Yes, I still have one in a 9'2" 8 wt. that one day I plan to re-glue the cork rings back together on the handle. It was reminiscent of the early (and maybe still) Scotts where the blank was not sanded much at all and the spirals were bumpy.

    The rod builder who was waiting months for a Loomis IMX order to be delivered (which included a 10' er he was building for me) sold it to me in the interim because a customer didn't like it. Personally, I thought it was a great rod for the flats.

    It has a markedly heavy, and stiff, mid-section which extends the effective rod length when casting. Compared to modern rods, it feels noticeably top-heavy when picked up without a reel on it.

    With regards to heavy rods for small flies, the "TLT" fly casting technique increasingly being taught in Italy uses fast action rods that are underlined two or three line sizes for brook/small river fishing - primarily drys I imagine. This allows for very high line speed, short strokes and needle loops for penetrating into the puckerbrush openings along the banks of fast moving waters. Cheers, Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by comeonavs View Post
    I am interested in this thread. I have really struggled in the past if fishing just a size 20 dry using my Z-axis with WF4F GPX line. I tend to struggle with what I call rebound, almost to much line speed where as the leader turns over it "rebound" and I end up with a wad of leader stacked up on the water. Or I sissy cast it to much to compensate and then the leader doesn't turn over at all.

    I will be trying my Zaxis with RIO Gold this year to see if that helps
    I fish in the wind so much that sometimes when I start fishing dries, I use the same casting stroke that drill my flies through the blowing wind. That downward trajectory gets that little fly out there but turns it into a surface film fly instead of a dry. To compensate, and I don't know if this is right or wrong according to experts, but instead of a firm downward trajectory, I raise my aim point. This seems to get the line out and extended nicely, landing softly and it even keeps floating!

    Sounds like you may have a similar problem.

    This is just what works for me. YMMV.

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