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    Temple Fork Outfitters seems to be putting out some great rods and a priced very affordable. In past threads it has been mentioned but I would like some more elaborate opinions. I recently aquired a TiCr-X 9' 5wt. 4pc. and hope to get it wet soon. Does anyone else have one that you can share some experience about or even if you don't own one, maybe you have some thoughts? They lineup includes a Series One, professional, TiCr, and TiCr-X. They have also started putting out there own line of reels.

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    JB, the TICRx is a fantastic rod. Very fast but able to lay down a very delicate presentation with little line out. You will love that rod.
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    I have the TiCr in a 9' 5 wt and I love it. Best rod I've ever had. Lot of punch

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    As a fishing guide service owner on the Yucatan coast, I have over 30 fly rods for customer and personal use. I only have one TFO TiCr rod. It is a 10wt 4 piece rod that we supply clients for Tarpon Fly Fishing in San Felipe de Yucatan. I do not like the rod, will not fish the rod and only have it for client use and as a back up rod. When given a choice, my clients will always pick a $40.00 Pflueger rod over the TFO. The finish of the rod is attractive but the fit leaves a lot to be desired and i find the action is even worse. I loaned the rod to a guide in Ascension Bay for clients that felt they need a 10wt rod for Permit fishing and wind fighting ability. He did not like the rod action either. Rods, like everything else, are a personal choice. If the rod fits your casting style and you like it, who cares what anyone else thinks. Buy it, use it and be happy. Tom,

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    I have that exact rod. I really like it. Fast and responsive. I can cast to the other side of the river with out any issues and put a fly anywhere I want it to go. Works great for me. I would like to get you feelings on the rod. What do you think?

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    I am a fan I also am a fan of what they are putting out for the price. I have 2 TFO rods. I have the 7ft6in 3wt and 8ft6in 5wt series 1-s that Ive used for trout in SE Okla Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho. If something goes wrong, I drive 15minutes to their headquarters and they give me a new one. Ive fished both for 3 years and one of these days I will upgrade and will probably upgrade to TFO Poquito dinero well spent GR

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    my friend has a tfo 5wt8.5 ft tip flex and i've casted with it i prefer it over my orvis stream line midflex it has a nice feel and balance.

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    Check out the Pro 10' 5wt. Sweet rod even with that full wells grip.

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    i got a 6 wt tfo pro for my son for christmas.. we put on with advice a rio nymph line on it.. i put the line on my dads old reel, went out in the yard and punched 23 yards into a 15 mph wind with the tfo.. the only thing i didnt like about it is that snapping of the line becouse im used to a ds2 5 wt.. but i was impressed, maybe more the line than the pole dont know.. it will be good for august here when the trout get deeep when its hot, and we need to set the hook pronto.. hes a beginner and i may be giving him to much for his first rod.. time will tell, and we can get a less powerfull rod if he wants it.. the two piece tfo pro is faster yet becouse i think its lighter out in the middle of the rod, and i was hearing snaping in front and in back... im leary about fast rods, and tangles.. not helping much here, im pretty confused myself..... dave

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    Hi Dave, sounds like you are rushing your cast if you are cracking the whip. Did you have a leader on the line when you were casting in the yard? A leader might help with the snapping. The Professional model is a moderately fast action. I think if you let your cast un-roll a bit more you will eliminate the snapping. What tangle problems are you having? Frank

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