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Thread: Mystic Fly Rods....

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    If good points are not raised I would not make an effort to write a response.

    Ferrules first: Earlier rods were often built on a single mandrel then cut into sections and have sleeve or spigot ferrules glued on. Dead spots galore; you could not only feel them but see them when you flexed the rod. So two piece rods were noticeably better than early 4 piece models. Now, computer assisted design and modern construction techniques have 4 pc. rods being built on 4 separate mandrels with the tip-over-butt ferrule built as part of the blank...much slimmer, lighter, better fitting and lower impact on the flex profile to the point where it is improbable one would feel much difference between 2 and 4 pc. variants. I'm an old timer, I still check ferrule snugness and alignment every day on rods left rigged during an extended trip and I recommend everyone does this too. Loose ferrules are just behind screen doors and ceiling fans in the rod breakage story line.

    In every good fly rod taper, from the slowest to fastest, every inch of the blank is a contributor to the action. Even guide size, weight and stiffness and the amount of thread finish effect the action. In a faster progressive "tip-flex" design, the less flexible mid section supports and stabilizes the softer tip while allowing the lower taper to have enhanced reserve power for the longest cast and fighting larger fish. This design, when well executed, offers the angler the most line speed and superior loop formation thus more precise presentations. Once the rod flexes into the cork, it has given up all the horse power it has. These rods are harder to design and demand more integrity of complex multi modulus blended fibers than rods with more uniformity of flex. Not all rods are designed and/or built equally and I remain, as in the golden era of cane, an appreciator of specific designers rather than brands. Men like Sages, Jerry Siem, Loomis's, Steve Rajeff, Scott's, Jim Bartchi and Hardy's, Howard Crostin...each a great caster/angler...make complex tapers come alive supported by expert material science guys and labor of love rod shop craftspersons. Sure some western designers who lack the resource investments of the top rod makers produce some outstanding rods with strict oversight at a couple of highly capable Korean fabricators while saving in labor costs simultaneously; Tim Rajeff's, ECHO3's and Steve Bechard's, Rise Level Series come to mind. But there is something about having the rod shop wrap up a prototype, stepping out onto the pond with your staff and friends, cast the thing and say, a little more in the butt and a little less in the tip...then cast that a couple days latter until it is at the field test ready stage. This process and the invisible technology that underlies and contributes to it is how great fly rods are created...each a vision of what its designer intends to be the best performing fly rod ever.

    There are lots of rods on the market that don't have a designer; perhaps reverse-engineered with a micrometer or simply boiler-plate, mass produced at unscrupulous Chinese factories using inexpensive materials, colored and re-branded for consumer preference at the discount big door stores. Some of them are not bad casting tools but I won't buy them on principle. I vote with my dollars for the creativity an quality of rods and reels I know the source of.

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    Thanks for the detailed responses Sweetandsalt and teaching me a bit about the industry.
    .....I stand better educated.

    Thanks again!


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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    I was going to build a 9ft 6wt mystic reaper, shaped the cork handle, reel seat was ready, and I received the blank for which I paid only $90.00. I am not an expert at all and don't mean to be critical, but I was not impressed. Compared to my St Croix Legend, Winston B2x, and even an old Redington Crosswater, the reaper blank seemed dull, stiff, and unresponsive.
    I may try another blank such as a MHX or H&H Xi.

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