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Thread: Short 6 wt

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    Default Short 6 wt

    Wondering what you fellas would recommend for a Short 6 wt for throwing streamers for trout. Flies are not real big 1-2.5 inches and the fish are not all that big either. 4 lb a rarity. Need something short for the accuracy but also for the confined space. Important note is that this is not for dirftboat fishing.

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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    Redington predator( my favorite) or you could go with a short glass rod. maybe an epic blank....seem to be plenty quick for glass.

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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    Hi Isaiah,

    Welcome to the forum this is the first time I've spotted a post from you

    I have several rods from 6'3" to 7' 6" that are great for what you are looking to do. The questions are; are you in a hurry? Do you want new or vintage equipment? Those 2 cover it I think, I have old rods because I've been doing this a while. When I buy a new rod, often times it will be an old rod which is new to me.

    For streamers I like a slower more medium action rod and fiberglass is a good choice. I use all three types of rods for fishing streamers on small creeks, bamboo - fiberglass and graphite. All work well and it's just up to you and your preferences.

    How much are you looking to spend on this rod?


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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    Tax return is being used so we can go big at this point.

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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    I agree with Hardyreels - a #6 of less than 8 1/2' is probably going to be bamboo or glass. There are some great vintage ones to be found on auction sites. A 7 1/2' #6 used to be The Standard Trout Rod - you should have lots of good choices.

    I have another suggestion just because I enjoy the rod so much: a Winston WT or IM6 in the 8 1/2' #6. It's a light action #6, capable of throwing a #5 or #6 and though it's not short, it is very maneuverable and capable of great accuracy at close range. Plenty of power for longer casts as well, and a stout butt for big fish. Casts like a dream. If you're not in a hurry, keep an eye out on the auctions and they usually go for $250-$350. Unfortunately, I don't think they make them new any more.


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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    Oh man, the other day on the big auction site, I saw a 7' 6wt Phillipson with a very nice looking unmarked vintage reel. $40 bucks with only a couple of hours to go.
    It was miss-marked and there was no bids. Who ever got that got an absolute steal

    That's my favorite rod (this week ) A Phillipson Royal Wand 7', 6wt that I got a year or so ago and never fished.
    Lotta fun to use.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    I have to agree regarding rods built upon a Phillipson blank. The shorter lengths (6.5', 7', and 7.5') certainly combine the power needed for casting streamers along with the ability to lay it down soft and accurately. A Phillipson is also fully capable of handling the rare 4 pounder.

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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    A second vote here for the Predator. The 7'10" 6wt is a fun little rod. I use it when wading for river largemouths, throwing medium-sized clousers and poppers. Handles the flies and the occasional 6-pounder quite nicely.

    And you get in at a relatively inexpensive $249.


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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    I have been leaning towards the predator or bass ii. Any line recommendations for the predator?

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    Default Re: Short 6 wt

    What about the sage bass rods, not sure on the length of those rods right off, but they would be great for your application.

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