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    I love my superfines, and the 1wt is probably my favorite. When it comes to the split ring reel holders, I haven't had a problem in 25+ years, and even then it was my fault. I had a texas handle boron UL spinning rod and an unshiny new browning graphite reel. I didn't want to scratch the reel foot, so I gently slid the rings on and just so snug. On the fifth or sixth cast, off it fell. I learned that day to snug those rings up - and not worry about indenting the cork or putting a minor insignificant scratch on the reel feet. These are fishing reels - tools of a trade made to endure some bumps and action, not museum pieces.

    Any more, I prefer the split rings since they allow a wider range in reel weights for the rod (due to position) which also leads to more options for hand positions on the handle.

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    I'm sure that was the reason for mine too, loss rings,,,from me not being familar with them. I snugged them up tight,,and now it seems it would take effort to move them,,,I don't think casting is gonna affect it again.

    Thanks for all the advice , folks.

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    On dual ring over cork reels seats as on these little Orvis rods, a certain amount of "break in" is required. Also the rod can flex all the way down to the butt which can loosen things. Just snug booth rings over the reel's foot firmly but with out undue force and the reel will develop an indent in the cork over a little use. The rings will cease to slip after a while. It is relevant what reel is being used though as the seat was designed around standard Hardy feet as on CFO's. What reel do you have Fly Guy?

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