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    Hi all

    I'm currently using a 6wt BVK, but I find it too stiff for my liking and have decided to sell it. I'd like to get some recommendations for rods with a more medium-fast action. My budget goes up to $300 and I'd like the rod to be fairly light (around 3-3.6oz). I'm currently considering the rods below, but I'm more than open to other suggestions!

    • Redington Path
    • Greys XF2
    • Sage Approach
    • Echo Edge
    • Allen Heritage

    So... what would you recommend?


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    Default Re: 6wt Recommendation

    I really like my Ross Flystik 6wt

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    The Heritage is in my list if rods I would like to own.

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    From that list, I would recommend the Sage for your specific requirements.

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    I have a 6-weight Greys X-Flite that meets the description of what you want very well. The XF2 is the model that replaced the X-Flite, so I bet it would suit your needs nicely.

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    When looking for a med-fast 6wt I cast the Approach and decided to pass as I found it to be lacking in feel compared to the Vantage it replaced. You can still find new Vantages on the big auction site for around $200. The Heritage sounds like a sweet rod but would be a huge change from the BVK, you would have to slow your timing down quite a bit. The XF2 is supposed to be the poor man's Zenith and a fantastic rod for the price.

    Honestly if you can wait a couple of weeks until Allen re-releases the XA2 with new hardware that will be a fantastic rod for the price.

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    Default Re: 6wt Recommendation

    Is there any way that you can test cast some of these rods?

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I've ruled out the Allen Heritage. I agree with you guys that it probably would be too much the other way.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    Is there any way that you can test cast some of these rods?
    Nope, unfortunately. There isn't a single fly shop in my state! There's actually very few good shops in the entire country (Australia).

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    What length do you want the rod to be?

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    Have you considered the Scott A4 series rods. They are fairly light and have a med-fast action.

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