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    Default Sage VXP vs Flight/Response

    I'm lusting for a nice 7wt for Gulf Coast wade fishing and tube floating for bass. Been using a TFO Pro II & Mangrove, good rods but I want lighter and bit faster. In addition I think I'm going to lose the Mangrove to my oldest son through the tenets of the "Homestead Act".

    I have the Flight in 6 & 8 and like these rods fine. As I understand the Response blank and Flight blank are the basically the same. I have cast the Response 8wt side by side with my Flight and can feel no difference.

    But variety is the spice of life thus looking at the VXP. With one in college and one entering in Sept the extra $300 for One/Method/.... is really out of the question. And I'm a Sage fan, so really not interested in other brands.

    Who has direct experience with both rods (in above 5wt)? How do they compare?

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: Sage VXP vs Flight/Response

    I compared the VXP and Response side by side when I was looking for an 8wt. The VXP loaded smoother and I could feel it flex better during my back cast. My two cents. Both are great rods and if you're going to spend that much money, you should test drive both before buying.

    Edit. Sorry but no 5wt experience with either rod. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Sage VXP vs Flight/Response

    Before you give up the mangrove, test cast that vxp first. You might just be surprised faster is not always better. So many rods are just too fast for a lot of casters, myself included. I found I actually cast better and farther with a slower rod because I can actually feel it during my cast.
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    Default Re: Sage VXP vs Flight/Response

    Pete, I have both a Flight and VXP in 8 weight. I agree with Innes--I think that they're both relatively fast-ish rods, but the VXP loads and casts smoother. I like them both, but I really like the VXP. Caught salmon, steelhead and bones on it.

    I think I read in another thread that the new Sage Motive is supposed to be very similar to the Flight.


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    Default Re: Sage VXP vs Flight/Response

    Have you considered the St Croix Legend Elite Saltwater? Fantastic rods for a little less than the VXP. At one time I owned both the VXP and the Legend Elite and while the VXP was more powerful the Legend Elite was a fair bit smoother and much more pleasant to cast all day. If you liked the VXP you will love the Legend Elite.

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    Default Re: Sage VXP vs Flight/Response

    If you are a Sage fan ... check out Ebay for a Sage RPL ....
    You should be able to get a decent deal and will have some Sage history and a decent rod too.

    Or look for a Z-Axis on Ebay ..... you might do OK there too.

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