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    Default Re: casting the winston bIImx 6 wt

    Hi Shorthaul,

    Thanks for an interesting thread. Your experience underlines how important it is to try different rods. Each person may get different results. I would never had thought a TCR would cast well underlined. Maybe you just got out enough line to load up the rod properly.

    I think Sage has really hit the target with the Z-Axes. You obviously know that buying the longest casting rod is not necessarily the best choice for all around fishing. Something we should all learn.


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    Default Re: casting the winston bIImx 6 wt

    hi Frank

    using distance as an indicator , how much load that i and another caster could extract form a given rod with a 6 wt line was tried so we underlined the 7wt TCR to see where its loading curve fell---the energy at extended distances that was left over for shooting or big fly turnover or "punch" into the wind was minimal with the 6 and by adding the heavy clouser we were able to get more indication that we werent loading the rod enough---we never tried a 7 wt on it. Im sure it would be impressive.

    Each of the rods were cast short also to test the range with different loadings and in different conditions.

    All of the above would work for Eric and me or someone that casts similar to us and doesnt mean anything other than---I found a rod that works for me that might not for someone else. It was a running commentary of what some of us that are passionate about our sport go through to decide which rod to buy for a given purpose.
    "something is happening here but i dont know what it is"---dylan

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