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    Default Re: Scott X2S 908-4 quick review

    That's funny!! I don't care who you are.

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    Default Re: Scott X2S 908-4 quick review

    I had my first experience with it this past year. My gawd that was a miserable 4 days.

    I'll just say that if the doc prescribes antibiotics to fight a cold, that's a bad time to leave workout shorts on for a while after a sweaty workout. Something about the antibiotics killing off helpful critters that normally fend off bad ones, or something like that.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Scott X2S 908-4 quick review

    Anyone still fishing this rod? I am wondering if a Airflo Ridge Super Dri Xceed in a 7wt is sufficient to load a 9ft 7wt X2S. Any help would be appreciated. Would rather not go with a 8wt line if I can avoid it.

    Thank you for the help!

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