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  1. Default Wright McGill Boron 5xe

    Okay, this is a rod that I had never heard of before I saw one raffled at the local Trout NM meeting a few weeks ago. It was a 2 weight that didn't feel like a limp noodle and actually had a rather firm butt section (relatively speaking) with a soft tip. Out in the parking lot, it seemed to outcast my several-years old Sage DS II 3 weight. It is a 5 piece 7 1/2 ft. rod with good quality cork and a very nice finish for its $270 price tag. It has one of the coolest cases I have ever seen, made of the same carbon/boron material as the rod itself. In short, I was impressed. It seems that W-M has come a long way from the yellow fiberglass convertible spinning/fly "trail" rods of my youth (although I understand that they have made some very fine cane rods over the years). I am itching to try one out on some of the small streams I like to frequent. Does anyone out there have any experience with these rods?

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    Re: Wright McGill Boron 5xe

    I own the wright mcgill boron 5xe and let me tell you it is one fine rod. It is a 5 piece rod with a beutiful graphite tube. It casts fantastic in the wind but with enough flex in the tip to protect light tippets.It is a fast action but not the ultra fast like so many of the rods on the market today. The rod has full boron in the butt with a 20 precent less per section up to the tip. I would easly put this up against some of the 600.00 -700.00 $ rods out there and for 300.00 you cant beat it. Same quality as big names except its made in china. And Wright Mcgill stands behind there products. I live in colorado and have fished it regularly for the last 3 months since i got it with no problems . Hope this helps

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    I finally got a chance to fish it this past weekend as some of the local streams have cleared and become fishable. I caught several nice browns using dry flies and had a blast. It balances nicely with the Orvis CFO 1 reel and the Cortland Sylk 2 weight line casts smoothly. I was able to accurately cast the short distances required even with a pretty good breeze in the pm.
    This rod has the action I prefer in a rod; soft tip and some stiffness in the butt, not a uniform noodle as were some of the other 2 weights I tried.

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