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tca1954 03-11-2008 01:06 PM

1 wt. line DT or WF
Hi everyone,

I asked this question before about an appropriate line for my Orvis Silver Lable 1 wt. rod. The rod is 8' mid flex 8, which I guess is a moderate/fast action.

Most recommendations I received said that the Orvis Superfine Wonderline 2WF would be a great choice. I believe this rod is more of a 2 wt than a true 1 wt. so this made a lot of sense.

Since then I see in the forum that DT lines get a lot of attention for lighter weight rods. What advantages/disadvantages are there between the 2 styles of lines?

Fox Statler 03-11-2008 09:13 PM

Re: 1 wt. line DT or WF
I have a Sage Quite Taper for my 10 foot 1 weight and love it.

Frank Whiton 03-12-2008 08:57 AM

Re: 1 wt. line DT or WF
Hi tca1954,

I have never fished a rod this lite but here are my thoughts.

On lite line rods your fishing will be up close and personal. Long cast are not used normally. A DT line makes it much easier to roll cast and to load the rod for short cast.


plland 03-12-2008 12:15 PM

Re: 1 wt. line DT or WF
Light rods definitely excel with quiet presentation, close-in, so DT lines are my choice. There's another option which I haven't tried yet of using a light rod for panfish in lakes. In that case, particularly since the rod is med-fast action, you might consider a WF to get better distance, but it all depends on what type of fishing you intend to do with the rod, lakes or streams. You can cast a light DT line a pretty good distance so you're not completely limited to roll casting close-in if you go with a DT.

Also, I would not overload the rod unless you've tried casting it with the proper weight line and really think the rod doesn't load properly. You got a 1wt rod after all, might as well give it a chance to cast that quiet 1wt line.

Fox Statler 03-14-2008 08:15 PM

Re: 1 wt. line DT or WF
Personally, I think the only advantage to DT line is that you can turn it around when one end is worn. As far as casting distance, I have fished 2 weight rods for over 15 years. I bought the first 9 foot 2 weight blank that Kennedy-Fisher sold. I found that Wulff TT was the absolute best for any casting situation, whether it was casting the entire line or just a couple of feet. Rolling casting with a TT line is easier than blinking. For casting distance, with my Dorber 10 foot 1 weight, a tapered line is best because you are casting a head with a running line. The key to casting distance is line speed and DT lines can breakdown the rod by over loading it, especially if you have a fly on it and in the water (not the parking lot). Casting is not the only element in catching fish, mending is often more important than the cast. Mending a DT is harder than mending a WF because you are lifting more weight in the DT and the larger diameter line is held faster by the water's surface tension than a small running line. However, the easiest line to mend in again TT because it is always big line turning over or moving small line. Too bad Wulff doesn't make a TT one weight. If they do make a TT one weight line, I want to buy two of them.

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