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    Default Older Orvis flyrod question?

    I just picked up an older Orvis fly rod and was looking for any information on it. It came with a rod sock and aluminum tube that says Orvis boron/graphite PowerFlex series. It also says length 9 feet, weight 4 5/8 oz and for #8 line.
    On the base of the rod it says Orvis and then boron/graphite. It comes with a metal butt cap which is removable and then a cork fighting butt. On the end of the metal butt cap it is stamped 9' Shooting Star, 4 5/8 oz (9) and then the numbers 0488.
    It has 12 ferrules,thanks!
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    Default Re: Older Orvis flyrod question?

    Shooting Stars were made by Orvis as cane, graphite, and the graphite/boron mix you have. They were intended as salmon rods, for the most part. Yours was made in April, 1988 (0488). I don't believe Orvis stayed on the Boron bandwagon very long.

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    Default Re: Older Orvis flyrod question?

    0488 means it was made in April 1988. (That's how they used to keep track of when the 25-year warranty ran out.) Shooting Star was an early graphite series name that was more recently revived as a two-handed rod series. If you call the Orvis fishing customer service line, they can probably tell you a lot more.

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    Default Re: Older Orvis flyrod question?

    Orvis made the boron/graphite (60/40) PowerFlex for at least 10 years
    Schwiebert mentions them in His 1978 book Trout Tackle ~ Two
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    Default Re: Older Orvis flyrod question?

    Interesting thanks! I am going to rig her up for pike and bass.
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    Default Re: Older Orvis flyrod question?

    I am trying to figure out if it is an eight weight or nine weight? The rod tube says eight weight but I am not sure if that is the original Rod tube:
    ** well the good folks at Orvis told me that it is an eight weight.
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