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    Default Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    We have had several threads the last couple of days about the discontinuation of seminal Hardy products; beloved Zenith (& Proaxis) and Ultralite DD. The sense is that the Hardy of classic spring and pawl reels and the newer Hardy of technologically advanced performance rods and reels popularized during the short lived Hardy of North America innovative period are dwindling and diminishing under giant Pure Fishing's new ownership.

    Interestingly, G.Loomis has produced remarkable NRX under Shimano ownership, Abel is prospering and expanding into sealed drag reels under Mayfly Group ownership and, when Sage under Farbank control announces they are replacing beloved Xi3 with new SALT we PRESUME the new rod will be superior, and is. Where goes Hardy under Pure?

    I have been slow to respond though I have been an aggressive advocate of the Hardy SINTRIX rods and their stacked disc-drag reels from their introduction because I had no idea what was happening. You don't go to the old TGF weekend shows, the subsequent Suffern Shows and now the giant Somerset Show year after year without meeting and developing a relationship with some industry insiders and so, I called a guy who has been involved with Hardy at least since they were distributed on these shores by Cortalnd Line Co.
    He laughed and said Hardy was giving dealers ample time to sell of their inventory prior to the introduction of new products at iCAST/FTD Show this July.

    Utilizing a new and improved 3M Nano resin system pre-impregnated type of graphite fiber, brilliant Hardy designer, Howard Crostin, has come up with new tapers advanced beyond the previous generation of Zenith/Proaxis and is additionally introducing a limited series of an even higher performance rod touted as not only a terrific fishing rod but the lightest ever built. I don't know their but do know they are to be produced at the same sophisticated S. Korean rod shop that built the previous well crafted rods. Not to be left out, the Ultralite DD is also being improved upon and upgraded while preserving its extra large arbor and narrow width aspect ratio and if that is still to high tech for your tastes, it will be supplemented with a mid arbor version presumably also featuring the compact, fine tunable sealed and stacked drag mechanism. And both are said to be better looking too.

    So my more informed sense is now that Pure Fishing appreciates the venerable character of the historic company they acquired and are allowing it to function in the creative manor it has but with better business practices and greater financial resources. They may even move some production back to Alnwick, England. Being thrilled with owning a high-end player in fly fishing seems to have inspired Pure to revitalize the Fenwick brand infused with ideas emanating from the Grays division of Hardy including a modest priced by fine casting series of glass rods which could be mounted with a newly machined and anodized, spring and pawl, Pflueger Medalist, I presume with a modern reel foot design. I might suggest to them they name it the "Akron".

    My Hardy Zenith #5 rigged with Ultralite Disc Drag doing what it is supposed to do:

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    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    I have spotted a couple sales 30% or so , what line do you find a fit for your Zenith and would you classify it as fast with soft tip or better could you compare it to your NS 5 for reference ?

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    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    As you say, there has been a lot of uncertainty over which direction Pure wanted to take the franchise. The discontinuation of Greys in the US after previous efforts to build a super quality-for-value brand reputation was disappointing and worrisome. If your information is good, it's nice to know those new models will be further improved rather than stripped of quality. It's also nice to know that there are likely to be fantastic clearance deals on the present models if you keep a keen eye out.

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    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    East, NS5 is faster, quicker tipped and heavier than Zenith #5. Zenith is best compared to Orvis H2 tip-flex but with faster recovery and more low end grunt. A bargain price on what one wants is a good thing indeed but after speaking with my Hardy acquaintance today, I am excited about acquiring the new rod. I'll remind that George Anderson anointed Zenith top 5-weight honors a few times before it being unseated by NRX LP. I love NRX but Zenith is a clearly superior rod to the LP and the new replacement promises to be a significant leap forward.

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    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    Thanks for the info! I was looking at hardy two handers. The new rods sound impressive.

    I do like a faster rod, there I admitted that in public. Not that I own any slow rods anymore.

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    james w 3 3 Guest

    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    Thank you for exploring this for us!
    That's all kind of good news.

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    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    Does anybody know if the hardy cls reel is also being discontinued or will it be redesigned also.

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    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    Sounds like an exciting summer for new rods. I am looking forward to hearing the opinions on the new T&T mentioned in previous posts.

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    Default Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    Great thread S&S, looks like u posted this not a minute too soon, Hardy fans nearly fell apart at the seams hahaha phew.

    My experience with pure fishing was not so encouraging. I purchased a Hardy Marquis Salmon #3 reel for my 7136 Spey rod, a sweet sounding click check & a wide standard arbor spool. Before pure bought out Hardy north I had a problem with the reel, called up Hardy north and they had me send them the reel. The gentleman at the shop called me to inform one of my pawlers was faulty and caused a spring to bend, which ultimately dis-engaged the check. They not only fixed it, but sent me a reel to use as a loaner! Incredible customer service.

    Fast forward about a year. I am now having a similar problem with one of my springs. At this point pure has taken over, and when I called them about a repair, they basically told me tough luck, and claimed to have no record of my previous repair. They were extremely unhelpful and did not offer me any solution, hence I am very disappointed with thier customer service since pure acquired Hardy.

    Interesting right!?

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    Question Re: Pure Owned Hardy's Future

    Five start thread going here.

    " .... Grays division of Hardy including a modest priced by fine casting series of glass rods which could be mounted with a newly machined and anodized, spring and pawl, Pflueger Medalist, I presume with a modern reel foot design. I might suggest to them they name it the "Akron"."

    Any idea when this reel will be available?

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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