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  1. Default Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    I recently (last year) expanded my horizons into salt. I have made two trips for reds and have a third in two weeks. I have an 8wt NRX with a Galvan T-8 reel. Travelling to Belize in September and want a second rod .. just in case.

    My immediate thought was another 8wt, but a cheaper one since it was backup.

    Then I realized permit and tarpon were also in the area and I should get a bigger rod that would also serve as backup on bonefish, but that could also be used for larger species.

    Should I get a 10wt or 12wt?

    What are some good options? Inexpensive is good, but not mandatory.

    Oh, and what reel to put on it too? Another Galvan (Torque or Grip), Nautilus (which one), other?


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    Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    Denver, I've been to Belize twice (Turneffe Flats), going primarily for bonefish both times (used my 8 weights). First time I was there I asked a lot of the other anglers what they were using for various species and what I should get if I wanted to go for permit, larger snook, baby tarpon, and maybe even redfish or stripers. Almost everyone recommended either a 9 or 10 weight, 10 being able to handle pretty big fish but still cast all day.

    I ended up going with a 9 weight as my "all around" saltwater rod. It's enough for most everything I'll ever want to fish for, and if I'm travelling light or on a holiday with my wife I can just take one rod (and a back up) instead of multiple weights.

    As for brands, well, do a search of this forum for recommendations and you'll find many. I got Loomis CrossCurrent and Sage Xi3 9 weights, both on close-out. You might be able to still find Xi3s on sale.

    As for reels, there are a lot of very experienced anglers here who can chime in on Galvan and Nautilus--they both have fans and for good reason. I'm more old school and go for draw-bar reels. I've got a Tibor Riptide for my 9 weights and an Islander FR2 for my 8 weights. Love them.

    Where in Belize are you going? I'm planning on returning to Turneffe Flats next February.


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    Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    I too have fished Turneff Flats and further south in Belize but I emphasized permit over bonefish. Your existing NRX#8 is one of the best bonefish rods, ever. For permit I carried two rods, an #9 & 10, one with a smaller lighter crab fly and the other with a bigger lead dumbbell crab fly. I took a 12-weight for poons too. Since you have the 8, I'd go with a 10 which would be great for permit and OK for tarpon too. Tim Rajeff's ECHO3S is a great mid priced rod with power, durability and fine performance too. The new Grip looks promising and the Nautilus reels are top flight, that is what I fish on my NRX. Allen's Omega is excellent and a lot of reel for the money.

  4. Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    Thanks for the feedback. I am going to El Pescador for three days fishing. Having not done much salt before, I will probably focus on Bonefish, but want to be prepared if we come upon permit or get an itch to go looking for tarpon.

    Inexpensive is alsays good. I see an NRX 11wt for $450 on clearance. Hmm.

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    Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    Maybe a Redington Predator?

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    Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    I have a couple of TFO TiCr X rods - an 8wt and a 10wt. They're very fast action rods. I like fast rods. Some people don't. If you like fast, you'll like those rods. Great performance for not much $$.

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    Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    Though there are better salt experts here then I, I'd personally say a 10wt. in that a 12wt. I always thought of as a Sailfish rod, BIG Tarpon, small-ish Tuna, and even smaller Marlin. Don't get me wrong, when you start considering such for blue water you tend to start shortening that length some (as I assume you mean a 9' rod). A 10wt. will handle a lot, even larger Dolphin Fish, real small Sharks, smaller Tuna, etc.. Guys who are fishing with 12wt.s typically are going after some good sized stuff. I may be wrong as I've heard (don't know) in the Panama Canal they have some big Tarpon, but I'm not sure that in Belize on the flats or inshore you'll find as much 12wt. worthy.

    That said, there are those here who know better then I do, so consider my "opinion" last.


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
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    Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    IMO this is an easy decision...10wt. If you didn't already have an 8wt and were asking which rod to buy to have 1 all purpose salt rod I'd push you in the direction of a 9wt. Since you already have an 8wt and are heading to the land of permit I think going with a 10wt if a no-brainer. The 10wt will also be able to handle juvenile tarpon with no problem. The 12wt is more for if you are going to specifically target massive tarpon and/or GTs.

  9. Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    Looking at a 10wt Recon and a Galvan T-10.

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    Default Re: Backup rod for Belize trip: 10 or 12? Which one?

    I took an 8 and a 10 when I went to Belize back in March and did not feel under gunned with either. I would think that a 12 would be overkill.


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