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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyRichardFly View Post
    Has anyone on the site casted the Clearwater II Rods? They are lighter than any rods, except the top shelf $700 stuff. What's going on?

    If you didn't know the price and you cast one, you'd think it would cost more.
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    Beulah Fly Rods are a great deal for the money. Beautifully made, but they are three piece rods and come with a second rod tip. I just bought one at the Somerset Fly show this past January and have it fished four times so far and thoroughly enjoy this rod. Price is $240 - $260 depending on the model.
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    Since you're willing to spend up to $300, why not buy a premium rod, used? Or, do you want to rod and reel price to add up to $300 combined? Anyway, there's also the option of clearance rods. There might be a few 2-piece 5wt Sage SLTs hanging around for $300 in the pages of some online dealer somewhere.

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    Some others have recommended the TFO Pro rod, and I would support that. My wife fishes an 8'6" 5 wt. (actually the Casting for Recovery rod, but it's the same blank as the Pro; just a different color) and she likes it a lot. Case in point, I bought her a Winston BIIx for Christmas and although she fishes well with it, I find her back with the TFO Pro more often than not. When I look over at her in the stream with a "why aren't you using your new Winston rod?" look on my face, I usually get a soft smile and the words: "I just like to fish with this rod." So, I have no problem seconding the recommendations on the TFO Pro rod.

    Another recommendation for a 9' 5wt. would be the Sage Launch. I know that some are hot and others are less so on this model, but I like the action and it matches well with my casting stroke at this point.

    Still another, if you're closely counting your coin, is Cortland's CL series. I still fish a 7' 4wt. CL for close work on small, overhung streams. I think it's a good rod.

    The best advice; and you're getting this from most of the posters, is to go out and cast at least half a dozen rods. Everyone's casting style, rhythm is somewhat different. So, it's really a custom decision and you can't make that kind of decision without running the experiment; which is really a fun one to run.

    It's opening season here in Northeast PA today - got to run! Can't keep those big trout waiting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyRichardFly View Post
    (snip)...And the Orvis has a mid flex or tip flex. Has anyone on the site casted the Clearwater II Rods? They are lighter than any rods, except the top shelf $700 stuff. What's going on?
    Just bought one!

    I got the 9' mid-flex model after test-casting it and the tip-flex. I guess I just like the slower rod. I got interested in the rod after reading the article entitled, 13 Budget and Backup Rods in Fly Rod & Reel magazine where it was one of the featured rods.

    And, as has been suggested herein, it feels like a much higher-priced rod. That is, the small sampling of higher-priced rods I've cast out behind various shops over the years.

    Living well south of trout streams, I spend most fishing days and afternoons pulling bream out of ponds. The new Clearwater II has allowed me to reach out about 50% further than my old rod (a Cortland that has served me well over the years) and try for some of the larger bream.

    I'm not a particularly gadget-oriented or "I gotta' spend more" fly fisher. I'm quite happy with my simple equipment. So getting the Clearwater II took some thought; but, I am very happy with the choice. I also splurged and bought a Battenkill Mid Arbor reel to go with it. Feels great to hold and to cast.

    The only negative about the rod is, as someone mentioned, the odd blue color. What's wrong with a nice deep green? Or gray, maybe? Oh, well. But I'm usually focused on the fly anyway so I don't really care too much.

    Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying their fishing. This is a helpful forum--glad I found it!

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