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  1. Default Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    I've only read about the Sage SLT and how smooth they are to cast. It sounds a lot like the LL I had when I first started into fly fishing.

    Are they similar in action? I see several SLTs on eBay in the mid $300's which sounds pretty good since they originally sold for more than $600.

    Any opinions?
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  2. Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    I just purchased an SLT 9ft 7wt 2piece but I have not had a chance to use it yet because the season has not opened in my neck of the woods.

    I can't wait to give it a try and I will let you know how I make out with it when I do.

    Tight Lines, Mike

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    Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    I'm the proud owner of two of 'em! Guess that says what my opinion is, huh? I have an 8'6" 2 pc 5 wt, and my newest love is a 9' 3 wt 5 pc. I paid full price for the 5 wt in 2006 and picked up the 3 wt last summer for about 475 locally (it was originally around 625 or so). About a month later is when I found out about them being discontinued. If I would have known, I would have held off buying the 3 wt and gotten a couple more instead. Coupled with Lamson Velocity reels, they're a pure joy to cast. I haven't cast a LL, so can't tell you how they compare. I wouldn't mind picking up a 7 or 8 wt for my trips back home to the TX coast, but that'll have to wait.


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    Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    SLT and LL tapers are not similar at all. The LL is a true med action rod with great mid range presentation skills, but not much back bone. SLT is med-fast (just a wee smidge slower than the SP), much lighter in hand, and a very nice progressive taper with a fairly strong butt section that makes it a great all 'arounder'. The sweet spot of the LL's was in 2-4 wt., the sweet spot of the SLT's is 3-6wt (they dropped the 1-2, and 8wts a few years back).

    ... But a lifelong journey.

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    Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    I basically agree with GRN's take on how they compare to a LL.

    The rod I have fished the most BY FAR over the past 8 yrs is a Sage VPS Light 9' 4wt which is built on the LL blank, but with a bit uglier appointments than a LL or SLT.

    The SLT's are indeed faster than a LL by a good bit, but have a feel that somewhat similar. It will still do well casting short distances, but when you need to throw 35-55' it will feel a good bit faster than your old LL. I think they're also some of the prettier rods produced in the last 10 yrs.

    If you want something much newer than your old LL but with a nearly identical feel, prowl ebay for a VPS Light. But if you want something a bit quicker, I expect the SLT to be a good fit.

    Just curious, what happened to your old LL?

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  6. Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    I picked up a 490 last summer when they were starting to be offered on sale. It's deceiving in a way. It's got a lot more flex and feel than my 590 Z or my 710 3wt. TXL but it's got quite a bit of power. As a matter of fact, I just fished it today on the East Walker. Only had one hook-up of about 15". Very colorful bow who took a 22 black tungsten midge. I got her about 6 feet from me and she head faked her way out of the meeting.

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    Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    It is one of the nicest casting rods I've used- an eye opener. I've got a 3 wt/ 7'6" 4 pc for spooky trout and this baby is genteel up close but has the power to cast a 4wt line 60ft. It has more feel to me than my older VPS. I'd buy another one in a 5 wt if I could find it. It is just ideal.

  8. Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    I finally got my 590 together. I have been waiting all spring to purchase everything I need to fish with it. I leaned toward a budget minded reel so I got the pflueger summit LA. I put on wulff TT line. I went out on the river at daybreak and fished for 4 hours. I got skunked, but it was such a great morning of fishing because I was casting the best setup I have ever fished. What a great feeling. I recomed it to anyone that wants to spend the money. Smooth as buttah'. (as we say in new england)

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    Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?

    I've got the 4-piece 389 and I've been reaching for it a lot lately for trout fishing. I've been using a Rio Selective Trout DT line on it and I like it very much, but it took me a little more feedback on my casting stroke at first than with other rods I own. Once I got enough practice, it's a very smooth cast, though. I've got to say... I have a 00wt TXL and I just adore the way it casts--feels like the rod was made for me, and I may just have to get a TXL in a 3wt one of these days.
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    Default Re: Anyone use a Sage SLT?


    I've got the 3710 TXL myself and it's a sweet stick! I haven't used it near as much as the SLTs, but will bring it out over the next few weeks since the stonefly hatch is beginning here in the Jemez soon.

    I also use the DT Selective Trout on my 389-5, but just got a WF Rio Grand for my 5 wt. I was told the Grand is like 1/2 size bigger? Not sure about that, but it seems easier to cast than what I've used before. On a whim, I picked up some Airflo Ridge a couple months back and absolutely HATE it. Even after a good cleaning before the first use, within an hour over 10 feet of it was under water.

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