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    Default Any thoughts or recommendations for slow action rods?

    I'm thinking about spending a little of my extra cash on a decent slow action rod. The Orvis Superfine is mainly what I've been looking at. My thoughts are that a 5wt line cast by a slow action rod would set on the water a little more delicately than one cast by a fast action 5wt, and bringing in a fish would be a little more exciting because of all the flex. Other than that, I don't know. Seems like this type of rod would require a DT line, to get the full benefit of the quiet presentation and accuracy. What are everybody else's thoughts on slow action rods?
    The other flies, n., pl.
    1. dry flies, nymphs, emergers, terrestrials, streamers, etc.
    2. What I use when a black #10 woolly bugger isn't catching.

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    Default Re: Any thoughts or recommendations for slow action rods?

    The delicacy of a presentation has much more to do with the casting hand than the rod being swung.

    I think what you're after is more of a medium action rod, not a truly slow one. (slow= fiberglass or bamboo) I'd look into a Scott G2, the Orvis you mentioned, or something similar. A Sage VPS Light would be perfect for what you're describing (got one myself) but they've been discontinued. (worth checking ebay though)

    Another option is to just get a 4wt. It will always present more delicately than a 5wt.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  3. Default Re: Any thoughts or recommendations for slow action rods?

    I fish mostly Glass and Bamboo. I also fish the 7' 4wt One Ounce, the 7' 4wt Trout Bum and the VERY POPULAR 7'9" Far and Fine.
    My thoughts are they are a great learning devise. It will teach you to slow down and cast correctly, something faster action rods compensate for. In other words I think fast rods are more forgiving on bad habits.
    Would I own JUST a full flex....NO! but I love using them on rivers where you might be targeting the usual 12" when a 20" comes out of the blue. You are able to use a lighter tippet with FAR less break offs. You will feel the takes also.
    DT....? totally up to you, I hate them. I do prefer the lighter lines like the Selective Trout II, Sylk, and Orvis Superfine. All WF but thinner diameter so less resistance in the guides.
    If you are thinking of a new rod as a specialty thing... I say that Orvis is GREAT!
    Experience, I landed a 20" Brown in a good current with 6x tippet and a #30 fly. I do believe the full flex is WHY I landed this fish.
    Oh Yeah! This weekend while in Idaho, I went fishing with my Nephew for an hour or so. I took my Zero Gravity mid flex 7.0 6 wt. with Windcutter line because it was very windy. I took the 6 wt. cause there are carp the sized of Cockerspaniels in there. I cast out and let drift, when I saw my indicator go down I pulled. I thought at first I was under a rock, but it pulled in slow and easy. I then remembered, I got this line last year and wanted to try it, so I took it to Macks in where the fish are small so I put 5X tippet on, just to try it.
    Remember it was only 4lb., I lightened up on the pull. Anyway to make a long story short, I landed a 19" Bronzeback, again in current, thanks to the slower action of the rod.

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    Default Re: Any thoughts or recommendations for slow action rods?

    Try Winston's BIIt and WT rods. The WT has a more traditional flex. The BIIt is similar to the WT, but made with Winston's higher tech materials. The WT is more of a dry fly type rod, while the BIIt does a really nice job handling drys, nymphs, and streamers.

  5. Default Re: Any thoughts or recommendations for slow action rods?

    My Joan Wulff (WT) does it all also, but as I said I prefer slow action rods, but it is nothing like the SUPERFINE series. They are closer to Bamboo.
    They do have there limitations though, that is also why I mentioned as a specialty rod.

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    Default Re: Any thoughts or recommendations for slow action rods?

    Hi plland,

    You seem to have done your homework and have zeroed in on the Superfine. I would urge you to cast a full flex Graphite rod before you make the jump. I should qualify my comments with the fact that I don't like slow action, full flex Graphite rods.

    If you want a softer presentation with a 5wt you can open up your loops a bit. From your comments I think you would be much better off with a 4wt or even a 3wt. This will reduce the line diameter and give you your softer presentation.

    If you want a DT I would look at the RIO Selective Trout II.


  7. Default Re: Any thoughts or recommendations for slow action rods?

    I have glass and boo rod, incredible slow. Also have a Scott which is medium action. I prefer the slower to slow/medium action but that's just my style. Go with what works best for you.

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