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  1. Default Michigan state fans! i need help with rod ID

    I recently acquired an old fiberglass rod, this is what it says, all handwritten, all in the same writing:

    Heddon pal pro weight
    #8383-7 1/2" fly
    for weight 5 line
    Frank Muddy Waters

    now, I obviously know what the rod is, and I know who Frank "Muddy" Waters is, but what the heck do the two have in common? Did he build rods in his spare time? or was this a Heddon signature line?

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    Default Re: Michigan state fans! i need help with rod ID

    I don't recall ever seeing a Heddon with this signature. My guess since Frank was so well known in Michigan that Heedon may have presented him with a special rod. I will tell you this though. You will love that rod...It is perfect for small stream, delicate presentations. If you are not used to fiberglass...just remember to slow everything down a bit and let the rod do the work... A great rod...enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Michigan state fans! i need help with rod ID

    Hi tlfrailey,

    I agree with wtex50. That is a rod that Frank ordered from the factory or it was presented to him.

    As far as I remember the Heddon Pal was the only fiberglass rod built in the 50's that had a tip action. At least it is the only one I remember. I use to sell them at a store that I worked at and it was my favorite glass rod. The Siloflex was a very popular rod back then but it had a much softer action. I think this was because the glass rods were replacing bamboo rods and the manufactures were trying to match the bamboo action.


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    Default Re: Michigan state fans! i need help with rod ID

    As a wolverines fan I have to say that particular rod never measured up to the one they gave to Bo Schembechler.

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