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    i need a small fly rod thats no bigger than 6 foot for fishing small streams with have cover around them. What rod or combo would you suggest for 300 or less.

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    why wont anybody answer my question.

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    I've personally never seen a fly rod shorter than 6' that was sold as a combo with reel. I've seen several 2wt 6' and 6'6" rods available from companies like Orvis and TFO, and various custom rod builders (actually I recently posted a 6'6" 2wt custom made rod for sale in the classifieds section that I simply never found a use for). The thing about short rods is, and maybe why your thread isn't getting replies, I just have never seen a small stream that I couldn't use a 7 1/2' or even an 8 1/2' rod on. I'm talking overhanging brush, zero back cast room, being able to step across the creek without getting wet, the whole deal. Small streams are what I primarily fish and an 8 1/2' rod is my rod of choice most of the time. That's why I learned to roll cast-- a casting technique which does not require any back cast room. Longer fly rods are simply better, both for casting distance when you need to, for managing line in a stream, fighting a fish, and getting the back cast up and over streamside willows. Most of the times I've heard people advocate 6' and shorter fly rods, it has been by spin fishers who don't fully understand the importance of fly rod length (yes even in small streams) or haven't mastered casting technique enough to use such a long rod on a small stream effectively. No offense to spin fishers out there!
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    Fly rods shorter than 6' have a niche, but its pretty small. While they may have benefits on extremely tight streams, they are actually quite tough to cast and not worth much for roll casting at all. I'd say a 7' rod is better bet for small streams for the most part.

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