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Thread: 1/2 weight?

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    I got an email from some company in China or some such place yesterday claiming they were making 1/2 weight 6.6' rods and wanted to hock some to me.
    I had never even heard of 1/2 weight line or rods before. Am I just totally out of the loop or is this something thats been around for a while.

    It does sound intriguing for small streams and ponds.
    I couldn't find any 1/2 weight stuff from Cortland, or 3M (SA). Has anyone else seen a company selling 1/2 weights?

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    Hopefully they are making a 1/2 weight line too. I think maybe what 1/2 means is the rod will cast a 1 or a 2 weight line. At least that's generally what it means when I see a 4/5 weight rod--that's 4 or 5 weight line (sometimes a 4wt WF or 5wt DT), not a four fifths line weight, which does not exist to my knowledge. The only rod I've seen lighter than a 1 weight was the Sage TXL which they offer in small stream sizes, all the way down to 0, 00, and 000wt rods.
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    Yeah, I think it means a 1 wt DT line or a 2 wt WF line; at least that's how it was explained to me at sometime in the past.

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    I'm guessing they're using the "1/2" designation because they're scared of Sage's lawyers or something. A 0 wt fly line would likely work just fine with it.

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    yeah I was thinking it was 1 or 2 weight at first glance, but somewhere in the text they do say half weight.
    They said they were also making the half weight line.

    Perhaps it is to avoid using the 0 or double 0 naming (which until now I didn't know about either) Sage is good stuff, I will have to look into that now, like I really NEED another rod.
    Bah not worth risking the cash to china.

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