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    Default Winston Fans.......

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    Looks interesting. An all-graphite model with premium components.

    I'm guessing this will be a mid priced series given they're coming out in Big Sky Blue, rather than the classic Winston Green that appears reserved for the premium models.

    And I googled the names:

    Nimbus - a shining cloud sometimes surrounding a deity when on earth, a halo, rain cloud

    Kairos - a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved

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    Interesting for sure.

    As much as I really like the history of Winston and the beauty of their rods, I found the Biii-Plus series (with the thicker blanks and ferrules) to be a bit on the heavy and clumsy feeling side. Beautiful rods, but they just didn't feel right (at least for my liking).

    I'll be curious to see what Winston has in store next month.

    While I started this Winston thread, I also must say I am even more axnious to see if there is an H2 replacement. But that is for another thread.

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    I'm confident ICAST/IFTD will reveal all kinds of cool stuff for us to discuss. I plan on visiting Winston when around Twin in a couple of weeks from now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    I'm confident ICAST/IFTD will reveal all kinds of cool stuff for us to discuss. I plan on visiting Winston when around Twin in a couple of weeks from now.
    S&S, please let us know what you think of the new Winston offerings if you get a chance to cast.

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    And Fly Fusion also had a post on the other one - the Kairos:

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    Default Re: Winston Fans.......

    And the Nexus will be on closeout.

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    Two new Winston rods, does anyone know what market segment these will be aimed at? Are both mid-price, which I assume. Is one a more traditional Winston flex and one faster? I'm excited to see these two rods. I have two of the GVX series and even at mid-price they are some of my favorite Winston rods.

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    If you read the articles, it does appear both will be mid-tier rods - though given the top tier premium rods are in the $900-1,000 range, the mid tier are likely all heading to $600-700.

    And the write-ups suggest Nimbus will be a medium-fast with the Kairos a fast action (though whether that's fast by Winston's standard or someone like Sage's remains to be seen.)

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    Thanks coho 52. I must have read through the articles too quickly. Even at mid-price that's a lot of dollars.

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