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Thread: Need a good powerful rod...

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    Wow, that's a cool review. I found it very interesting that in the rod deflection chart, the Winston BIIx showed the most tip flex (i.e. the "least fast") of all the rods tested. Makes sense, as other reviewers have said that this rod is supposed to be a great all around rod that performs as well up close as it does with distance. However, also very interesting that these reviewers didn't find it the BIIx to be the overall best rod they reviewed. Of course, the review seems inherently flawed by the skills and preferences, and casting styles of the testers... also keep in mind that rods perform differently on the water than in a gym or in a grassy field. Some rods that feel identical lawn casting them feel entirely different when you have a fish on them. I'm reading more of that review and it doesn't seem that they did test them on the water, which is a little disturbing as these guys are purporting themselves to be experts. Also- they shouldn't have used the same reel for all the rods. Heavier rods--I've found--require a slightly heavier reel to be balanced.
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    Seems to me if George can't boast about being in on the design of a rod it won't score well. Anyone else notice that?
    Also, if the rod doesn't need the crutch of a line that is heavier than standard weight it won't do well on his tests.
    A Winston BIIxM would have been a more apples-for-apples comparison but then again, George didn't have a hand in designing it.
    I take George's rod reviews about as serious as I do Consumer Reports auto reviews. Fair and balanced they are not!

    You really owe it to yourself to test both the new Winston BII-Mx series and the Orvis Helios rods. Phenomenal!

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    Obviously the guy is biased, hence the review can never be objective. Still I thought it was fun to read and the guy must get some credit for at least naming the rods he was in on designing.

    Regarding my rod purchase I just picked up a Scott S3 6wt, 9ft. Cant wait to try it out... I´ll definatly look at the Winston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    Hi Jonj,

    You are smart not to buy a TCR if you can't cast one. It is a love/hate type of rod.

    Cliff's suggestion of the Sage RPLXi is a good one. It may be your best choice considering price. Your comments about your casting ability makes me reconsider the Croscurrant. Most saltwater water rods are going to be stiff compared to what you are use to. You asked about powerful rods and the most powerful are the saltwater rods. I still think the Scott S3 freshwater would be a good fit or the Sage Z-Axis. With 8wt rods they will still be strong casters in the wind.

    Buying a TCR right now would not be the smartest move. THey are going to be discontinued, and shops will have them at discount like %30 -%40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonj View Post
    Anyway I like to have good gear and think that I should be the limiting factor in casting, not the gear. What really triggered my underlying quest for a new rod beside trying out new things was this fly rod comparison where my Orvis T3 gets a terrible score: Fly Rod Comparison on 8 weight rods Albright G.Loomis G-loomis Orvis Scott Temple Fork TFO Thomas and Thomas St. Croix Orvis Zero Gravity Orvis T3 Redington CPS Albright XX Sage Xi2 Sage Z axis Loomis cross current Loomis Native Run

    Any thoughts on this test? Boy, how much headache a simple thing like choosing a rod can give a guy..
    That test does not seem to be the most trustworthy. THey tested a Orvis t3 and zero g (this was done in late January). The Helios was already out. And they test the ticr instead of the Axiom?

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