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  1. Default mixing rod/reel weights?

    I am looking at getting a second setup. I was wondering if it is a bad idea to get .. say a 5/6 wt rod with a 3/4 wt reel?

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    Default Re: mixing rod/reel weights?

    If you can fit the line on it, and you dont believe you are going to get into the backing i dont see why it would be an issue.

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    Default Re: mixing rod/reel weights?

    I just played around with this issue a bit and found that I liked having a nice balance between the rod and reel. In my case, I was reducing the reel weight for the rod, b/c what I had was too much weight for my 2 weight, but when I put on my new lighter reel on my Cortland 6-7 weight for fun (with line), it felt slightly off to me. That may be because I was used to that rods original reel, but I think it's best to have a nice balance anyway, where the rod balances with the reel from just above the handle to about 3 inches above that point. Then again, there are reels like the Orvis Mid Arbor Battenkill that are fairly heavy anyway.

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