I cast the H3 Distance 9' 5 weight over the weekend - wow!
As a point of reference I normally fish a Winston GVX in the 9' 5 weight.
1. Very light in the hand.
2. Sensitive tip that doesn't have the hinge effect when you push it but flexes smoothly into the rest of the blank.
3. Surprised at how easy was to load up and cast in close.
4. Plenty of power when you needed to reach out.
5. Smooth casting rod that throws tight loops.
6. Very surprised at how much feel this rod has. Much better than other top line fast action style rods I have cast.
7. Looks - Ugh. Nothing pretty about this rod - but it cast so well I just didn't care.
For me this would be a great addition to my rod inventory. I was very impressed with how easy the rod cast, loaded in tight and just felt so light and responsive in my hand. I mentioned to my wife I had cast the rod and really liked it...she asked about the cost of the rod and then questioned my sanity.