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Thread: Help with Bamboo

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    I currently fish a 4 wt 8.5' St. Croix for trout in Maryland. Mostly stocked bows and browns to 14". I have an urge to own a bamboo rod. Should I go up or down a weight? 3 or 5?

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    I would go to a 5 wt....that would give you more flexibility....Bamboo is rated primarily for DT line so a 5 wt Boo would be a DT5F...which would also handle a WF6F....This allows you to fish for bigger fish and even some Bass. I have 4 Bamboo rods and love fishing them....You will have to slow down your casting to take full advantage of the Boo....good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by randyflycaster View Post
    What he said.

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