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    cortland grf 1000- 6/7- inexpensive all round rod-
    bulletproof and a nice medium action.

    fenwick 7" for a 5/6
    fenwick 7'6" for a 6

    sort of vintage- three forks 763- great 3 weight for the $$$

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    Default Re: Favorite vintage rods

    Not vintage but prematurely taken out of production ( only three yrs ) is my favorite
    Redington CPS. 5,6. and 8wts but always looking for others.

    I think Sage decided it was too good and stealing customers form the higher priced Sage rods. CPX, Link and Vapen replacements are all big disapointments. Shame on you guys.

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    A couple of legends:

    Scott G PowerPly, more specifically 863 and 884 - one word: pleasure, or better 2 words: pure pleasure. Even the winston at 863 (which I agree is amazing) couldn't make me change my mind about Scott's 863

    And the holy grail, much more recent but still unsurpassed in my opinion, the Redington NTI 906 (although not one of the many that broke on the first casts...). Incredibly fast and powerful but amazingly sensitive.

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    With all the nice graphite rods I like to use, I still keep going back and fishing these 2 old favorites. In fact, they're already packed for my next trip :

    Fenwick FF75 7 1/2' #5

    Orvis Madison 3-oz 6'6" #5.

    Neither is worth a hoot past 40 feet. But for small streams or shorter casting on bigger water - they're magic. Both were originally rated as 5/6. If I fished them with a 6 they wouldn't make my list for anything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pati View Post
    And the holy grail, much more recent but still unsurpassed in my opinion, the Redington NTI
    That's right, 2000 "Nano" belongs among "grail" rods. No doubt. You are also correct that they were hardly rugged. Some might think you and I foolish to intentionally fish a rod that could break for no apparent reason and is now irreplaceable. Mine that were going to break including a #4, 9 and 12 have and the shorter 4, 9'#5 and 8 have not and won't. Actually the 9 broke in a boat but had previously landed a 35 lb. juvenile tarpon so it was accidental not flawed.

    Those who never knew it remarkably light, slender pure communicativeness and best of its era line speed and recovery missed out but I do think its promise did come to fruition with Sage ONE. Really not related in any way ONE achieved much of what Nano promised with added durability. However, regarding NTi or ONE I still caution as I did back then, do not tow a boat trailer down a rutted track with a Ferrari and don't throw Clousers with you thin walled sports car, dry fly rod.

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    Default Re: Favorite vintage rods

    I only have one vintage fly rod, but it is very nice. My first rod was a used Sage 7 foot 11 inch 4 wt. with GII carbon. When I was looking for a more modern rod I promised S&S I would not sell it. I keep my word; it will eventually go to my grandson.

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    I have 5 vintage Orvis graphite rods with the unsanded blanks.
    Light Salmon and Saltwater 9'6" 8wt
    Powerhouse 8'6" 8wt
    Limestone Special 8'6" 6wt
    two...Brook Trout rods 7'6" 4wt

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    Default Re: Favorite vintage rods

    If vintage means the 25 year warranty has expired, my 6ft 6in 4 wgt. Orvis flea graphite still like it for gills and small streams.

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