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  1. Default Just throwing it out there....

    Yeah, yeah, yeah....every caster is need to cast a rod to see if it is for you....just go with what feels best to you etc. etc.

    I know, but just for the heck of it what do you guys think about Echo2 vs. St. Croix Avid in a 4wt.?

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    Default Re: Just throwing it out there....

    I have the Avid 4 wt in an 8' and I love it....It is actually the most fun of any of my rods. A nice medium to medium fast action. I don't know anything about the echo2 other that a lot of folks on this site seem to like Echos lot.

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    My daugther has the 8' 4wt St. Croix and I bought an 8' 4wt Echo for the wife and I can't till a difference, same Okuma reel and 4wt WF foat line on both rods.

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    Default Re: Just throwing it out there....

    I've fished ECHO's 8' 4wt, cast their 9' 5wt (both Classic), and own a 8' 5wt St. Croix Avid. I would agree that they are all VERY similar in action. Soft enough for casting in close, but not mushy or floppy. They're also all plenty light as well.

    TFO Pro rods are very adequate too, but I'd much have an Avid or Echo.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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