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    I have a 9'6" Legend Elite that I love. It's the right amount of fast without being a broomstick. Just enough flex to let you know what it's doing, but certainly doesn't lack any butt strength. The extra length adds distance and control without adding too much extra swing weight, which I've found can be an issue with other longer rods.

    I got it as a big game rod for pike (and steelhead, if I ever make it back up to the PNW), but more and more I'll use it as a big river streamer rod for bigger trout. (average size around 17")

    Initially I thought it would be overkill, but the rod is sensitive enough that it rarely feels like too much for a trout - though it affords the chance to dictate the fight more so than most other trout rods.

    Though sensitive enough for trout, it's still powerful enough to have no problem throwing sink tips and big weighted streamers...and no problem getting into it with the occasional 20+ inch browns and rainbows.

    I think it's a great big rig. It would be a lot of fun to battle bigger sea-run fish, yet still versatile enough to be a good time throwing to trout, bass, and the like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viggysmalls View Post
    If anyone has any suggestions on a reel (for say, a 9' 8 weight Recon) and line (for swinging salmon flies) that would complete the package, I'm all ears.

    Thanks again.
    I'd look at the Orvis Battenkill Disc. Same drag as their Hydros but in a classic mid arbor design. I have one on my Loomis Shortstix. It is a great reel and a good price for fully machined with a sealed drag. Lamson Guru is also a good choice, or their Remix for a few dollars less... or Litespeed for a few dollars more.

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    Thanks for the input everyone.

    I ended up pulling the trigger on the Orvis Recon 9' 8 weight. It will be a huge upgrade for my Dad, and he will definitely be pleased. I was able to find a good deal on one online. I thought it checked the main boxes, including low weight, intuitive casting, and decent power.

    I was also able to purchase a barely used Orivs Hydros reel. Now just need to decide on a good line.

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