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    Hi Everyone,

    I just want to say I'm new to this forum and new to sport. I love it already and this forum rocks! I have a 8' 6/7wt Southbend Finalist walmart special and I have the chance to get a good deal on an Orvis Trident TLS Mid Flex 7wt 9' I have read it's a solid rod but I just want to make sure that it would be a good rod for learning on and where I fish. I will be mainly doing to trout and small bass fishing in the Chattahoochee from the northern GA mountains to west of Atlanta, where I live. Let me know what you guys think. Quick opinions are welcome because it may be gone tomorrow. Thanks!

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    I think It maybe a little heavy for trout fishing, its hard to have a trout rod and a bass rod all wrapped up into one. It may be a good small mouth rod, but for native trout it would be hard to deliver a delicate presentation, particularly is the water is low and clear. Sometimes its better to wait for the rod you really want IMO, and there is a reason they are trying to move it.
    Yesterday, I went trout fishing with my good friend, I was using a 4 weight and he had a 7 weight, creeks where low, all he did was scatter the fish almost every cast. But if we went down to the river, I am sure it would have been the choice for larger flies and bigger smallies.

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    Welcome aboard. I have fished the Chat where you speak of. The rod you mention is waaaaay too heavy. If you're gonna fish for bass also, go with a 8'6" 5 weight. Now, if you want reaaly big browns, fish the Soque at Blacks Hawks near batesville. All private fishing. Worth every penny

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    Hey wdc, welcome to the forum-

    I think you'd be better off with a lighter weight rod too. An 8'6" or 9' 5 weight sounds about right for trout in the hootch if you're looking to pick up another rod in addition to the 6/7 weight South Bend you have now. A 5 weight will be great for trout, panfish will stiff be fun to catch, and you can throw some stuff for bass with it too.

    And if you want to throw bigger wind resistant flies for bass like big poppers or bass bugs, you can do that with your South Bend rod with a weight forward 7 weight line.

    The good news is that there are a ton of good choices out there whatever your budget.

    But in the meantime, fish that South Bend too since that's what you have. To keep things in perspective, it might be helpful to read Ard's (Hardyreels) post about taping a fly reel to a spinning rod, lining it up with a fly line and using it to catch the heck out of fish in Alaska on a recent trip:

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