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    Default Sage FLi #4 7'8" vs. Winston Vapor #4 8'

    Can anyone say something about this rods? Compare them? Which would you choose and why? Have somebody used them both and can say something?
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    Default Re: Sage FLi #4 7'8" vs. Winston Vapor #4 8'

    Both rods come from great companies. I've tested both and owned that same model FLi. (Sold it to help pay for a Winston Biix.) To me, the FLi was more responsive and easier to cast than the Vapor. The FLi also just seemed to be of better quality than the Vapor (but again, coming from Winston, I'm sure the Vapor is well made).

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    Default Re: Sage FLi #4 7'8" vs. Winston Vapor #4 8'

    I have the Vapor in a 5 wt 9' and it is a fast rod. It casts well, is plenty accurate is versatile enough for me to cast from 10 ft all the way to 70( all I've tried so far). Some are bothered by the made in China issue but this rod was to replace a broken IBIS I bought 3 years ago. I know the Sage is US made and probably a very nice rod. I don't know any fellow sage owners who didn't like their rods. I have a 6 wt VPS and a 3 wt SLT, both VERY nice but medium/fast in action. I've started liking fast rods but have grown to enjoy the medium actions better.

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