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    Similarly, I do enjoy reading the review, but take them with a grain of salt (no pun intended). I have noticed though that I do agree with certain popular reviewers more then others as we both must have similar tastes.

    Im definitely looking forward to casting the salt HDs and maybe some Xs in lower line wts... haven't been overly impressed with the X in 6 - 8 wt.

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    Default Re: 8wt X vs 8wt Salt HD, my impressions

    I haven't cast or fished a Salt HD, but here is my impression on the X. I have been fishing a Sage X 890 for the last 3 months, fishing a large reservoir for bass, wiper, and walleye. I have found it to be precise, crisp, and extremely responsive rod. It really is something else! It is super light and I have found it easy to cast, especially in the 50-70 foot zone. It is effortless in that sweet spot distance. If my double hauls are timed good and I let the rod load up, without pushing on it too hard it will easily unleash 90 foot casts. The rod just loads up and flings line like no other. The rod's recovery is super fast. It is an extremely pleasurable rod to cast and fish.

    I agree with earlier posts that it doesn't do great with heavy sink tips and heavy sink lines (300 grain). I have been fishing it with a Rio General Purpose Coldwater Saltwater line and a SA Mastery Expert Distance. I sometimes run an Airflo polyleader off the front of the Rio line to get down a little deeper and it handles that well. For the heavy sink lines I rely on my Xi3 890 for that work. The X has plenty of fish fighting backbone as well for the fish I've caught so far, albeit mostly fish in the 2-4 pound class. No big 10-12 pound carp on it yet.

    The key for me with the X is to let the rod load up, good timed double hauls, and not force the cast and the X just seems to come alive, unlike the Xi3 which likes to be pushed hard.

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    Default Re: 8wt X vs 8wt Salt HD, my impressions

    ^^this guy is spot on^^^

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    Default Re: 8wt X vs 8wt Salt HD, my impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by steveid View Post
    Both 9 footers? Most rod-by-rod series reviews show that the X in 896 is a gem. So, thatís the one that went home with me. Havenít had a chance to even get it out of the tube yet.
    Get that rod out and fish it! You'll love it

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    Default Re: 8wt X vs 8wt Salt HD, my impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by vpsihop1 View Post
    Limited experience though. Went on a streamer trip with 6 guys and 3 boats, outing organised by the LFS. Spent 2 days on and off with these rods. A Sage rep dropped off 25 rods between all boats and I was lucky enough to get to test these two out.

    I'll say, for strictly big streamers and sink tips I preferred the Salt HD by far. X didn't seem to have the backbone needed to pull up a deep sink tip and water logged fly, but X was certainly easier to load once the line was up out of the water.

    Trouble is, I like to pull that sink tip out of the water, right into shooting some line behind me,and then shoot forward. Salt HD had the guts for it. Both were impressively light.

    Anyone cast these two rods? Thoughts?

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    Ive only cast the X in 8, but what a great rod, I wouldn't choose it for sink lines or big flies, the Salt just can be pushed more IMO.
    Now if the part I bolded is truly a desired function, check out a method.
    For my pike rod is used as you describe, often needing to pick up alot of line and half a chicken and shoot it back out quick and accurately.

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    Default Re: 8wt X vs 8wt Salt HD, my impressions

    I got an 890 Salt HD in August, expecting to use it mainly casting sinking lines for wipers from a boat. While I haven't had a lot of time with it yet, I think I do like it for that purpose. I've fished four lines on it so far, all 8wt SA's: Titan, and Sonar Titan Intermediate, I/3/5 and 3/5/7. Beefier rod than the 890 Method I usually pair it with. I like to push the rod hard and shoot, and the 357 is quite a load. I liked the way the HD handled it. The floating Titan with a 2/0 popper or the intermediate with a 2/0 Clouser fish real nice on it.

    Accuracy is not the most important thing with wipers, but on the grass I feel accurate with it.

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