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  1. Question Blemish in Reel Seat...


    I recently purchased an Orvis Superfine rod and noticed that I may have damaged the reel seat with the slide band used to hold the reel on to the rod. The blemish is very small and may or may not go through the wood's finish...I can't really tell. Anyway, will this small ding cause further damage to the wood on the reel seat over time? Is it something I should have Orvis look at (under the 25 year guarantee)?

    Also, one of the ferrules is a bit loose (or really loose...I cast the tip section of the rod off the other day); will a bit of paraffin/candle wax help mitigate this?

    Thank you,

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    dougmac Guest

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    Hi Seth,

    Recommend you send it back to Orvis for a check-up. The blemish likely won't hurt anything but a loose ferrule will. Continue to use it and there is a good chance it will break during a cast.


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    send it back & tell them you want a different rod.

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    i'd bring it back to the store you purchased it from & see if they will replace it, if not send it back to Orvis. Too many times 1 loose ferrule = 1 broken rod.
    the blemish is probably nothing but make a note of it when you bring it back.

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    Have fun fishing with your new rod.

    If the tip is sick loose, send it back. Otherwise, try some paraffin on the ferrule, most Orvis rods come with a small container of ferule wax. The scratch on your reel seat is probably just going to be one of many "battle scars" you'll add to the rod as you accumulate your fishing memories.
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