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Thread: My new Toy!

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    Default My new Toy!

    Hey All,

    I picked up a Sage ZXL 490-4 last weekend while on the San Juan from a local shop that was getting rid of all his Sage stuff (huh?). Because of having a rod stolen last month, he upped the discount to 35% and I got the rod for around 250 off retail! I got a new Lamson Lightspeed 1.5 reel from for a little less than 200, so everything ready to go was WAY less than normal retail. Lined it up when I got home from work this afternoon and hit the back yard. Oh my golly gee was all I could think LOL. The whole setup weighs something like 7 ounces or so and it casts like a dream. It's a really laid back rod and suits my "old man" casting style to a "T". My son and I will be going back to the Juan sometime early this week (last weekend was an absolute ZOO), and we'll be posting what will hopefully great news. Here's a pic of my new toy:
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    Default Re: My new Toy!

    congratulations! you can find good deals many times if you know when and where to look. and sometimes, it's just meant to be...

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: My new Toy!

    Hi Phil,

    Dang, you did good!

    You must be healing fast. When will you be back behind the oars? Are you wade fishing now?


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    Default Re: My new Toy!

    Hi Frank!

    Believe it or not, I don't even have a surgery consult until this coming Friday. At this rate, I'll probably have the cutting done around Christmas . From what I've read and friends are saying, I should be up and around within a couple of weeks. I'm hoping to get behind the oars as soon as I can.

    In the meantime, I'm just taking it easy on myself and doing whatever fishing my son and I are able to do. He's lived with his Mom for several years and we've got a ton of catching up to do! It sure is great having him around. All said and done, I saved right at $350 on my latest set up. I'm a sucker for a deal . I also got James a 5 wt Sage Launch the same day and he'll be using it Tuesday as well when we head back to the San Juan. It sure is cool living within 3 hours of such a nice place. It really is special.

    Thanks for checking in on me!


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    Default Re: My new Toy!


    Congrats on bagging that great setup.......I'm envious!
    Post some pics of the San Juan, I haven't been down there for a couple years and sure miss that fishing!


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    Very nice!! I wish I would have gotten mine for that kind of $$. I got mine back in November/December and love it. It is the 8'6" 3wt. with a Tibor Light Spring Creek CL loaded with DT Rio Selective Trout. By far my favorite outfit regardless of the weight.

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