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    Welcome to the forum.

    My wife and I have only been fly fishing for a couple of years. We own 11 rods between us. I have 3 Winston BIIt, 2 Scott G2 and a TFO Pro. Lauri has 2 Sage Z-Axis, 2 Scott S3 and a Sage Launch. Lauri prefers med-fast to fast action rods and I prefer medium action rods. Neither of us have purchased a rod without casting or actually fishing it.

    Good Luck. Let us know what he chose.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    Hi wtex50,

    As far as I know only the Ascent and Vapor rods are made in China. Unless things have changed recently all the other rods are built in Montana. It was the China rods that caused the long time bamboo guys to jump ship. Winston had that information on their web site at one time. I also think that the first Ascent rods were of poor quality and Winston had a problem with them.

    The Ascent and Vapors are outsourced to China though they are not labeled so on the rods or the cases. FWIW, I have a 5wt vapor and enjoy it though it's a bit on the fast side it does cast nicely, accurately and can still cast well in up closer though with some work. I also recently cast the Winston LT and BIIt in a 5wt 8'9" or so configuration along with the Orvis Helios. Surprisingly the LT casts very similarly to my Vapor, a feeling the shop owner reinforced!? It cast farther than the BIIt but not by much though it lost out to the BIIt in feel, sensitivity and casting ability 50ft all the way to 10ft. That BIIt is nice. I wish I had the Helios with the Winstons to compare but I felt very favorable with the Helios save for it's premium tag. I think when I get closer to buying a 5 wt 8' 6" (or so) 4/5 pc. I will just have to have all the rods side by side on some water and see how they do. The parking lot is just not the same for true feel and performance. I would compare the following; Sage ZXL, Z Axis, Winston WT/BIIt/BIIX, Orvis Helios/T3/? and some offering from Scott. I do have a 3 wt SLT and LOVE this rod, though it would terrify me to hook a 18"+ monster on it for the rods sake.

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    Hi to all,

    Thanks for all of the good information.


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    I also picked up info that the IIt is more of a dry fly rod in regards to action than the IIx.

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    I have the BIIX 6w. I love that rod. But it's not a rod for everyone. The BIIX is med fast, the BIIT is a little slower and the BIIMX is the fastest of the boron rods. I like it (BIIX) because with my casting style, it's sssmmmooootttthhh. Like I said I have the 6w and it's lighter than most 4w's out there.
    My suggestion is, try everything you can get your hands on and then pick the one you like. If it's $600+ save up for it. You won't regret it. If it's a $100 used Vapor and you love it, buy it and you won't regret it either.
    Winston (as said previously) is made by hand in Twin Bridges Montana. Sweetgrass is down the road from them.
    FWIW Sweetgrass also is making graphite and glass rods now.
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    Since you say the rod will be used for nymphing, the BIIx just has to be tried. I love them when high-sticking because of the feel they provide and the lack of weight of that long lever of a fly rod.
    There are now three different choices of the BIIx technology and I own and fish all three:
    The BIIt is a softer, dry fly-type rod. Smooth and light.
    The original BIIx is the workhorse. It is extremely light yet has a ton of range... from 20' to the full line it handles it well. Just don't horse it!
    The BIImX is their new 'meat' rod. Even though they made it faster than the BIIx, it still has great feel close-in. I took it out west last week while with the MFFC and a few die-hard lovers of other brands said it is next on their wish list.
    Rods are so darned personal to take anyones word for the right rod for any one person is silly... they just have to be cast with the line you intend on using.

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