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Thread: White River 270 fly rod with broken tip

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    I have a White River 270, 9', 5wt fly rod that I broke 6" off of the tip. I retipped it at 8'6" and it cast a little stiff with the 5wt WF line. I over lined it with a 6wt line and it casts great. Is this a result of it losing 6" or would it have cast the 6wt better than the 5wt before it lost the 6"? It cast the 5wt great before it was broken. Thanks, flyrodder

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    The shorter rod makes it stiffer than intended so heavier line would load the rod easier. Not sure what kind of warranty White River has on their rods but they might repair it for you.

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    I think it's a 1 year warranty and I've had it longer than that. I like the way it casts the 6wt line now. Thanks for the reply. Flyrodder

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    As long as Bass Pro still carries the rod, they will exchange, I had a WR Classic for 2.5 years that broke in the upper section. They replaced it no questions asked.

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    There's a good chance that you may have liked that 5wt with a 6 line in the first place, even before you broke it

    Fixing a broken tip isn't really that hard.
    You find yourself a piece of scrap fiberglass rod that will fit tight on the inside of the two pieces, just like a spigot ferrule would.
    Glue the three pieces together, wrap it with white rod building thread, and slap on a little finish.
    Just like new

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