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  1. Default what salmon rod?

    im just getting into salmon fishing this year in the miramichi area. i am looking into getting a decent rod as the one i have now is junk. i was looking at the sage fli and the sage launch as they are in my price range $250ish. just looking for a little feedback weather these rods are any good or is there a better rod out there for that price?

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    I didn't buy it specifically for steelhead, but this past year I used my 9 1/2' Fli 6 wt. for that purpose and it worked fine. Just keep in mind that you'll want a reel with a good drag system; that will end up being more important than the rod you're using.

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    Tha sage fli are are on clearance at most dealers they are closing them out this is the last year for them, I just picked up a 790-4 for $185. The launch has a slower action than the FLI but is a quality rod, but it you can find an FLI in the size your looking for you can get a pretty sweet deal. I dont really steelhead fish but i fish mostly warm water and lotsa of saltwater i own a 586-4, a 790-4, and a 990-4 all FLi's and i like them alot i learnt how to cast with a 9wt launch and it is a great rod but the FlI's are just a bit faster but still have alot of feel. As always if you can try before you buy you are better off. just because i like the FLI's doesn't mean you will.

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    Hi booya,

    The Miramichi is a great river but a good deal of it is in private hands. Many of the pools are owned by lodges or clubs. This is big water fishing but from the pictures I have seen most of the river pools are wadeable. You would do well with a single handed rod but the trend is to sprey rods.

    Having fished in Alaska I would feel under gunned with a 6wt. It would depend a lot on what time of the year you are fishing. There are times you will be fishing big Salmon flies and my choice would be a 9'6" 8wt rod with a fighting butt. This will handle any size fly you would be using and allows you to control any big Salmon you might be lucky enough to hook up with. If I was fishing this river with a lodge I would probably take a 6wt and 8wt. Here is a site that offers fly fishing. Look over the descriptions of the pools and it will give you an idea of the water.

    I would choose the Fli 8wt 9'6". One problem is it is a two piece and not as easy to carry on an airplane. Since you live in the area the 2 piece rod may not be a problem for you.


    Sage Fli 896 2 piece.

    The Orr Pool once owned by Ted Williams.

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    Consider the Scott A2, also scheduled for replacement in 2009 and on sale in internet and local shops. This has a medium-fast action similar to the Sage Fli, is very well-made and carries an excellent warranty.
    One internet shop has 9'0 4piece 7 and 8 weights for $199 (regularly $300), and a 9'6" 4-piece 8 weight for $295.

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