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Thread: Temple Fork BVK 8 weight

  1. Default Temple Fork BVK 8 weight

    Has anyone seen or cast the new line of rods from TFO? I was told that the 8 weight was SWEET. Fast action and cast like a 6 weight it was so light. And only $250. Now that's sweet.

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    Default Re: Temple Fork BVK 8 weight

    Had a chance to test cast one in Belize on a permit trip earlier this month. Very light rod that cast permit flies with no problem. Also handled casting in the wind. Guide also cast the rod and he was able to pick up a LOT of line off the water and shoot more line. I am going to get one of these for my wife and maybe one for myself.
    I understand that the 9wt is not ready yet.
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    I cast the 6 and the 8 weight a few weekends ago. The 6 weight was a fine casting rig... the eight weight, not so much. I think it was all about the lines the rep had on the rods.
    I need to replace a broken 9 weight rod and being without gainful employment must watch the cash outflow. I might just have to get the 9 weight if it performs as I need when my dealer gets one in to try.
    This will be a leap for me as I always tried to support domestic manufacturing. They bailed on us so now I don't feel bad at all returning the favor.

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