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  1. Question Need a FLy fishing Rod reel combo

    Im new to fly fishing and Im looking for a moderatly priced fly fishing rod and reel combo. Ill be taking it to the streams so I'd want a 5wt, right? Any help would help!

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    Welcome! A 5wt sounds good- medium action. I started with a 8.5' 6/7 wt Cortland CL (2 piece) and used a 6 wt line for it. I bought a combo at the time and was able to take it to the water right away. Still use it on big water and still love it. I could manage small water just fine with it, and I could throw a range of small and big bugs, which you can't do with lighter wt rods. For smaller water I do now prefer my 8' 5wt or even my 6.5' 2 wt (but I wouldn't start with a 2 wt). Look at the fly fishing gear FAQ section here for some good picks, and also check this out here: Albright Tackle | Fly Rods | Fly Reels | I'm not sure about the warranty on these sales, but the price is right. A good warranty is something to consider, b/c you may break it (either via a car door or slipping in the stream). I sent my Cortland in and they sent me a brand new rod for something like $20. I've heard good things about the GP Albright rods from folks here. I've never fished one, but I have their A-5, 9' 5wt, and it's a nice rod- also now at 50%, but it's not a combo. I would say whatever rod you get, go for a 4 piece, just to make travel a bit easier. I happen to like 2 piece rods, but I don't like to travel with that long tube, even short distances. In the end, as someone just starting out, don't get the most rod that you can afford just yet- it's not like buying a computer. It takes time to know what action you like and there's a lot to learn at first. The best thing to do is to field test the rods if possible and have someone that knows how to cast help you understand how the rod loads, etc. You might go to a local fly shop for this. Don't feel like you need to buy the rod on the spot. One more thing, try not to get caught up into spending an extra $150-$200 for a name brand- just my .02.

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    Default Re: Need a FLy fishing Rod reel combo

    Hi James,

    Welcome to the forum. It is good that you are asking for information before you buy. Jose has given you some good tips. Here is the FAQ thread that he is referring to.

    The very best advice I can give you is to take a casting lesson or two. Most instructors bring more than one rod so you can feel the difference in actions. Lessons can save you a lot of time learning how to cast.

    I am not a big fan of combos. You can get a good rod but sometimes the reel and fly line are not very good. To get good advise in a post you need to let us know your budget.


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