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  1. Default Best 8 wt for $300?

    I need a new 8 wt rod(I have a winston ascent and I don't really like it so im giving it to my brother and buying myself a new one). I'm looking at the sage vantage, sage flight and the new winston VSL that is coming out. I haven't casted either and looking for opinions from people who have them or might have casted them before. Open to other brands too if anyone knows a great rod for $300. Will use for large river freshwater fish and surf fishing on the beach for surf perch mostly.
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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    My rod advice is often not appreciated but here comes some.

    When fishing with an 8 weight do you do a lot of false casting? Or do you usually do a water load followed by one back cast and then shoot it back out?

    What about roll cast and single hand Spey cast?

    Now my point, there are more fine fly rods than I will ever touch. However when I move to rod weights heavier than I will ever cast dry flies with then I am going to be throwing streamers and other big stuff. When you are casting a heavy line and heavy flies and a few BB size shot it is more about your mussel and timing than it is about having the very best rod made. I am not saying you should fish with a club but just about any quality 8 weight will suffice to throw the type payloads I'm talking about. I don't go try every rod on the market but the rods I am going to list below will cast a heavy salmon fly 90 feet. Most normal people will get tired casting 75 - 90 feet repeatedly but these rods do it with relative ease.

    In heavy one hand rods here is what I fish with:

    1. [7wt] 9' 7wt 3 Pc. Quarrow, a real launch pad that will cast as well as any rod I have ever owned (price paid under 60 dollars delivered.}

    2. [8wt] 8'10" Orvis Light Salmon bamboo circa 1964, I don't abuse the rod but it will also launch all the line I need. (Hint this was not cheap and it is the rod in my avatar.)

    3. [9wt] 9' 9wt Orvis Silver Label, great rod, many kings on this (I think this cost about 300 back in the early 90's)

    So rods from 60 dollars to 600 hundred dollars and they all work great!


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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    I don't know how you feel about buying a used rod but there are some good deals out there. Might have to give up waranty on some of the brands,(like Sage). I got a Sage RPL for 175.00 to fish Pyramid Lake and it works good. It is medium fast and will throw all of my T-300 Teeny shooting head and a soaking wet, #2 waited egg sucking leach out the tip-top. If I do my part. Sorry, I have no experience with the rods you mentioned.
    If you want to look at the RPLs, you can check out these links. One is to this forum discussing the RPL and RPL+. And a couple of nice sounding RPLs on ebay to look at. Oh, and I threw in a TFO Teeny rod....Hope I'm not wasting your time.

    Sage RPL series Rod ??

    TFO Jim Teeny Fly Rod, 9ft, 8wt. 4pc., MSRP $200, - eBay (item 270644188710 end time Nov-02-10 08:53:37 PDT)

    Fair priced backup rods if nothing else.

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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    I fish with an 8wt sage vantage and I love it

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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    Here's a reality. After all is said and done, what will be important is how the rod performs in your hands.

    Visit your local shops, and cast them.


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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    MP, is on it. Would you buy a car without driving it?
    I have a friend who owns a super noodle (not the brand).
    I showed him how to water load with it. Ugly but possible.
    Several hours later he borrowed my Sage. He immediately exclaimed how much easier it was. (I knew that.)
    My thing is, test drive on the water, grass casting tells you how well it'll throw a dry.
    But if you intend to fish indies, weight, big-flies, do yourself a favor, get on the water.
    For the money, the Reddingtons are a value.

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    Why would you choose a rod based on price??
    Convinced they are better casters based on name alone?
    Go out and try some $100-$200 rods before you spend any $. THEN try a more expensive rod and see if it really does anything for you casting. Chances are you'll cast just as well with something below you budget.
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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    Just bought an ECHO Ion 8wt at $188.99. Test cast (will be on the flats the 20th) only but nice rod. Perhaps not the chrome that's on my more expensive rods but the price can't be beat.

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    Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
    For the money, the Reddingtons are a value.
    I second this thought.......

    It's not what I catch when I'm fishing, it's what I lose that matters to me...
    Good decisions come from experience...Experience comes from bad decisions...

  10. Default Re: Best 8 wt for $300?

    I just bought the TFO BVK in an 8 weight. I would cast one before I bought. SWEET....

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