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  1. Default Best trout rod under $150

    Hello, I'm new to fly fishing and would like some input on the best rod for under $150. I'm not going to dump a bunch of cash into this yet!

    Brian Peay
    Blue Ridge Ga
    Brian in Blue Ridge Ga

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    Default Re: Best trout rod under $150

    Hi Brian,

    Check out this FAQ on equipment. There are some good choices listed.


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    Hey I'm in the same boat and have done a good amount of research online. I'd reccomend (and have one on the way in the mail) an Albright A-5 9 foot, 5 piece, 5 weight rod. The albright tackle web site is selling them for 50% off right now at 112.50. I noticed someone suggested a Redington as well...the guy who started Redington sold Redington to Sage and then started Albright, so you're getting a quality rod (that is if you think Redington makes quality rods). Anyways good luck and I hope this helps...if you search for Albright A-5 reviews on google you will find some as well...buying a whole outfit may be the way to go for you as well...either way, I think the Albright is worth mentioning

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    Default Re: Best trout rod under $150


    There are a lot of good rods out there for around $150. Some of them have already been suggested, and I'll throw the TFO Pro series in there too, but there are others including rods from Echo, Redington etc.

    If I were just starting out, I'd look around for a good fly shop as opposed to trying to get a deal online or in a big box store for something specific, and work with someone that is knowledgeable about FF, and FF in your area. You may not have as big a selection to pick from, but they should have something in your price range that will work great. The prices for individual new equipment typically runs around the same anyway no matter where you buy it.

    A shop should be able to hook you up within your budget, and fix you up with a nice rod for $150. But more importantly, they'll be able to help with advice, maybe throw in some informal casting lessons, match a line to your rod (very important for casting) and give you the opportunity to try out a couple different ones behind the shop to find one that works for you. Typically, if you buy a rod, reel and line in a shop, they'll give you a break on the price, or maybe throw in something like a lesson or two. And if you buy a rod there, you can bother the hell out of them with a free conscience for where to go, what to use how the hell do i tie this, what's a tippet info etc. With a big box store, or going online, you may end up with a rod, but then be left on your own to figure everything else out. Just my $.000002


    Good luck


    When you're shopping, compare the warranties... you want lifetime original owner, or repair/replacement for a nominal cost ($25-30). Some rods will have it in this price range, some won't, so it pays to ask.

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    Default Re: Best trout rod under $150

    I'll second the Albright. I have that very A-5 described above by Mireland and it's a nice rod. If you want an outfit, then I think you need to look into the GP rods, which good things have been said about by a few people here. I just ordered a GP rod because they are so inexpensive right now and wanted to "kinda" compare the GP to the A-5, although it won't be a fair comparison since I ordered a 3/4 wt. Another good starter rod is a Cortland CL (I started fly fishing on the 8.5' 6/7 wt, 2 piece and still fish it). Also look into Echo, which I haven't cast but others here have said good things about. I've wanted to compare an Echo to the Albright, so that may be my next purchase (Don't tell my wife).

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    Default Re: Best trout rod under $150

    I second what peregrines said about the warranty. I had to replace my cortland rod after stepping on it- ouch- and it was $20 bucks for a new rod- no questions asked. The Albright warranty does not seem as good. Also I agree with going to a shop for all the reasons he stated- it's a good thing. The guy I chat with from time to time at his shop has given me great tips, free flies, and great fishing spots : )

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    try the albright A-5 series. they are having a 50% off sale now. Ihave both the 9' 5wt. and 9' 6wt. they are well designed and cast like a dream. go to Albright Tackle | Fly Rods | Fly Reels | Spin and Casting Rods | Reels | Rods and you can buy them direct. Guarantee you won't be dissappointed.

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    Thumbs up Re: Best trout rod under $150

    I have one and have fished the A5 4 wt extensively enough to really recommend it. I've sung it's praises on several other forums and recently after recommending it to 2 other good friends I sought to get another one. Too bad as it seems to have sold out! Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait. I enjoy fishing it as much as my 3 wt Sage SLT and much more than a 5 wt Winston Vapor. I guess I'll just have to pull my old Sage VPS out until they become available or I find another SLT/ZXL or even a Winston BIIX in that 5 wt 8'6" category.

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    Default Re: Best trout rod under $150

    Keep an eye on the Sage Fli series of rods since they're being discontinued. I've already seen some 4 pc rods go for as low as 160 bucks or so. That's for a rod that had a MSRP of about $315.

    Racine - I bought a 490-4 wt ZXL a few weeks back and that rod's the cat's meow! I actually like it better than either my 3 or 5 wt SLTs. It was the last one in a shop in northern NM and he was getting out of the Sage business. I picked it up for $435

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