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crittergetter 09-09-2008 10:22 PM

CCS numbers
Ok... does anybody have CCS numbers for a Scott Gen 1, Scott G2, Scott S3, Scott SCS and Thomas&Thomas HS?

I am trying these out and would like to know the numbers of each so I can judge them agains maybe a sage or orvis. (of which I don't own, to cheep)

Frank Whiton 09-13-2008 02:57 PM

Re: CCS numbers
Hi Crittergetter,

I don't know that the CCS system is going to help you. Unless the makers start using the system there won't be any solid information available for every rod out there. There has to be a standard weight system instead of pennies. The system doesn't give you any information on the recovery rate of the rod and is a simple static test. The 1/3rd measurement is not exact and the bending can be affected by how the rod is constructed.

We probably need a new method to measure action but I don't know that the CCS system is the answer. The AFTMA system for single handed rods works pretty good. I don't know if the CCS system works much better and may even be worse.

If you have faith in the system then go for it. I will stick with the AFTMA system until something better comes along or the CCS system is improved.

So to answer your post, I don't know where you can get the CCS numbers on the rods you are looking at. Some of the rods you are looking at are not cheap.

I remember back around 1962 I was in Michigan. A fly shop in Roscommon had a big board set up with curved lines drawn on the board. The rod was put into a holder at about a 45 degree angle. A fixed weight was fasten to the end of the rod and flexed the rod down the board. You picked the closest line that matched the bend in your rod. At the end of each line was the line weight need for that rod. The guy thought it was great but I have no idea how he calculated the board to start with.


crittergetter 09-13-2008 05:59 PM

Re: CCS numbers
Thanks.. I was hoping to find private numbers from Fly Rod Geeks.. (I am a computer geek). I too wish there was a standard that didn't have any influence from Marketing or Flavor of the Day (IE.. Today everybody wants to cast 110')

Reasons I question - I tried a G series Scott and then a S3 series. They bost cast like a dream. However, I snagged hooked about 2/3'rds of my fish with the G. I didn't snag a one with the s3 series. But the S3 is heavier and a little siffer...

I guess I keep my pursuit of trying what works and selling what doesn't. I think now is a time to buy used rods from EBAY to try this winter and then sell them back used next spring.

Thanks again for being a moderator.. I know a thankless task of keeping good info flowing and SPAMMY info off.


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