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    Default Fenwick Streamer SF908-2E

    My brother has a Fenwick Streamer SF908-2E. I am looking for information on this rod's action and speed so I can pair it to a fly line. I am wondering what type of line would be best for this rod. The primary uses would be for casting mostly streamers for Salmon and Steelhead. Does anyone have any experience with the SF908-2E? If you have any line suggestions, that would be great as well.

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    Default Re: Fenwick Streamer SF908-2E


    Based on the model number you provided I'd guess it to be a 9 foot designated for an eight weight line. Depending on the stiffness of the rod you may want to begin in the 8/9 or 275 / 375 grain weight range to see how it acts. There may be someone who has the exact rod that will reply but since it's your first post I thought I'd give you a reply and also say welcome to the forum.


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    Default Re: Fenwick Streamer SF908-2E

    Hello Ard. Thank you for responding and thank you for the welcome.

    You are correct, that the rod is a 9 foot 8 WT. My brother tells me the line on it is a weight forward line made for Fenwick. I believe this line was made in Canada. I do not know the the exact model of the line or anything about the taper profile.

    When I cast, the rod definitely feels slow to load. I posted here hoping that someone who owns this rod would have some tips. I also emailed Fenwick hoping for some information from them.

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