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Thread: Comparing Fly Rods

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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm a complete novice so bare with me please. I'm looking at buying my boyfriend a new fly rod for his birthday. I'm looking at the St. Croix Avid, Sage Launch and the Orvis Clearwater II. Does anyone have an opinion on these? I don't know whether to get the 2 or 4 pc. I'm looking at a 4-5 lb, 8-9 foot.

    Any assistance would be great!!
    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Default Re: Comparing Fly Rods

    Hi Kat, It would be best to take your boyfriend to a fly shop, and have
    him try the rods. A rod that may feel great for me, will be a dog for someone
    else. Also, if your boyfriend is a novice, the fly shop staff will be able to
    steer him in the right direction. If you don't have a local fly shop, a St. Croix Avid 9' 5wt in 4 piece should have him covered!

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    I have the Avid in an 8' 4wt and it is great for small streams - to me it is a true medium action rod...I have the Launch in a 9' ft 6 wt that I use for big water, streamers, buggers etc...I would say it is a medium fast action - closer to fast than medium....They have totally diffent actions. I love both...just for different applications. I agree with the previous poster...take him to a shop and let him cast a bunch of rods.....You don't want to buy him something that doesn't fit his casting style or the type of fishing he will be doing.

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    Default Re: Comparing Fly Rods

    Hi Kat,

    I am going to consider your friend as a beginner. Buying for someone else is very hard. If he is a beginner it is even harder. The three rods you are looking at are good choices. The best way is to have your boy friend test cast each rod. You should consider a 5 weight, 9' rod. The 4 piece is the best choice unless you are trying to save a few bucks. The 2 piece rods are longer and don't travel or pack as well. If he back packs then definitely go with the 4 piece.

    Here are a couple of suggestions. Give a gift card so he can pick out the rod he wants. If you want to surprise him you might go to the store with him and look around. See what he is most interest in. I think the best gift you can give him are casting lessons. After the casting lessons he will have a much better understanding of what rod he wants to buy. Get the lessons for two and you both can learn. My wife and I took flying lessons together and it brought us closed together than ever before.


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    Hi Kat, I'm relatively new to fly fishing. I've got both Avid and Launch rods. I don't like one better than the other. Both have a lifetime warranty and nice case. Interestingly, I cast more expensive rods, and bought these as they fit my casting style/abilities better. Either way your boyfriend will get a very nice rod. I'd also take Frank's advise re: 4 piece as opposed to 2 piece rods.

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    Gift Card and fly shop. Let him try before you buy.. Make it an all day event... If Cabela's is near then go there.. Bass pro could help just a bit.. Now is the time to go to fly shops because they are wanting to get rid of them at the end of season so you have a great chance to buy..

    Also... Really cheap now is to watch EBAY. I don't recommend until you try before you buy.

    Frank has it correct.. (that is why he is the moderator)

    Have fun and good luck..

    Also, Why not get lessons for you both and you give it a try. My wife got me into fly fishing before we were married.. At times she will outfish me and man that kills me... :^)

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    Honestly, I would think about what fish are available locally. Be sure to tell the fly shop personnel that. Do not believe that he has to start on a 5wt. I taught myself everything on a 3wt that I still fish. Let him cast rods of different weights as well to see what feels best to HIM.

    The shops will try to start him out on a 9'5 or 6wt as that is the "best rod for beginners". I think that is a load of hooey. I have a 4/5 weight rod that has not been fished in 3 years. I fish my 3wt rods, and I am getting a 2wt in the next two weeks. I prefer the lighter lines. If you go to Cabela's check out the 8'6" 3wt TFO Professional. It should be rated a 3/4 as it is a speedy 3 in my opinion. and could take a standard WF4F line and do great things for a beginner.

    This is all my opinion of course, but cast different weight rods, with different lines to see what he likes.

  8. Default Comparing Fly Rods


    What are you/he mainly fishing for and where? That is another thing to look at. I normally fish for largemouth bass in ponds and lakes with few trees or shrubs around. That calls for an entirely different rod than someone who is fishing for trout on a small, tree-lined stream. A five or six pound largemouth bass hooked on a 3 weight could tear that rod to pieces. An 8 weight, 9 footer is not going to work well in Colorado on a narrow stream heavily enclosed with pine tree limbs. Go the gift card to a local pro shop route and let the pros help the two of you out.

    Also, Frank and Crittergetter are right. Both of you ought to go. Fly fishing is great fun and it is something you can do together. And while I'm at it, he's one lucky guy to have you. Not too many gals will get her guy a new fishing pole, much less go to these lengths to make sure it is the right one.

    Good luck and good fishing.

    Bob Lang
    Edmond, OK

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