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  1. Red face Novice Seeks Guidance... Bass Rod.

    I am brand new to fly fishing so I am still trying to feel my way around the equipment and terminology... If anyone could provide me with assistance it would be appreciated...

    I am wanting to get a rod primarily for Largemouth Bass... Will also use for panfish and crappie.

    I live in northwest tennessee... Possibly go into southern missouri and northern arkansas also...

    As far as rod requirements go:...

    100 - 150 dollar range, 7/8 wt., 8 1/2 - 9 ft., medium to medium fast, graphite.

    Am also look reel to match:

    The brands in consideration are as follows, no particular order:

    Redington Titanium CDL 7/8... Lamson Guru 3... Lamson Velocity 3... Lamson Litespeed 3... Ross Rhythm 3.5... Ross CLA 4... Ross Evolution 3.5...

    Any comments, concerns, non-commercial reviews and personal experiences more than welcomed... Please tell me you top three picks or rods and reels...

    I am in information overload... I prefer American made and sold by manufacturing company if possible...

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    I started flyfishing not too long ago, but whenever I have any free time I'm reading whatever I can get my hands on, and it sounds like you do the same. I would go with a 9' 7wt. rod with a medium fast action, as the 7 wt. gives you enough backbone to fight a LMB but it also gives you the a light enough feel that will allow you to detect a some of the lighter strikes if there is such a thing from a LMB. A medium action rod will allow you to fish with finer leaders and tippets for when the fish are spooky. This done by the rod absorbing the pressure of the fight from the fish rather than the leader/tippet. With bass not being known for being leader shy I don't believe that medium action rod would be necessary. And with a medium fast action rod you will get a faster hook set. St. Croix and Sage offer excellent rods in your price range.

    As far as lines go, you will want a sinking line so you can get the line down to strike zone of some of the deeper holding fish. Unless the areas that you will be fishing are primarily topwater. Scientific Angler has an excellent WF sinking line, but you can't go wrong with Rio as well.

    As far as reels go, you can't go wrong the Ross or Lamsom. Lamsom's conical drag is one of the smoothest around. As of right now I'm saving my pennies for a Lamsom Litespeed. Currently I do have a Ross.

    In regards to panfish, I have included a link to an excellent article in Fly Fisherman magazine written by Dave Whitlock.

    Seasons of the Sunfish

    I hope this information helps.


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    Default Re: Novice Seeks Guidance... Bass Rod.

    Hi tranquilidad,

    Lets talk about your rod choice first. In the $150 range and American made your best choice is probably the two piece Sage Launch. It runs $175 or so. It will be a rod that you can use for a long time and not want to upgrade as soon as you learn how to cast. I don't think it comes in the 8'6" length. An even better choice may be the Sage FLi. The FLi is being discontinued and you can buy a $300 rod for $200 on sale. You may have to look around to find one. Cabela's had them last time I checked.

    I think that the Teton Tioga is a very good choice for a Bass reel. It is an American made reel and has a very good drag. Cost is $155.

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    Re: Novice Seeks Guidance... Bass Rod.

    Match a Fly Rod and Fly Reel - A Question of Balance

    Welcome to the game.

    Before you buy an outfit consider this article on "balance". Your enjoyment of casting, hence fishing, will be greatly enhanced if your rig is in balance.
    Any good fly shop with experienced employes should know able to explain this to you in detail.
    What is a most enjoyable day of fishing can become less than pleasant if you are trying to cast with a tip heavy set up with the wrong line size for the rod.
    The most expensive rod out there will wear you out if it is not in balance with the reel & line. Conversely, balanced equipment will not only improve your results but greatly increase your enjoyment, while reducing fatigue.

    Most of all, it is all about enjoyment. The learning is fascinating also, that never ends, no one knows it all. Good luck!

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    I agree with Frank about the sage launch and sage FLI. I am pretty new to fly fishing as well been doing it for about four months now. I primarily use a 6wt. 9' sage launch which I use for Largemouth/smallmouth bass and panfish. Also landed a pike and a carp on it. I am outclass for when it comes to throwing larger poppers and flies that contain rabbit fur. But the Sage Launch is a great rod. I love it. I have also cast a Sage FLI which is also a good rod too. I work for Cabela's I know for a fact that they do have quite of few of them within the company.

    I believe Sage also makes a rod specifically for largemouth bass too but I think it is a bit out of your price range.

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    Default Re: Novice Seeks Guidance... Bass Rod.

    At Cortland we have a new rod called the Pro Cast. The two piecers retail for 99$, and the four piece 9' 8 weight is 129.99. I thru big bugs with it last week and it is the reel deal. Definitly worth the wait it will be out in October.

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