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Thread: Info on Hardy fly rod?

  1. Info on Hardy fly rod?

    I just got a Hardy fly rod and I cant figure out how old it is or if its bamboo or not? The little amount of info I got for it is thats its 7 1/2' , #5 with a hand painted I/L just above the handle. The reel seat is a continuation of the cork handle and the number 90 is painted on both pieces where they join. It came with a dark blue rod bag. It seems to be in good condition though I have not used it yet and cannot tell if it's had work done on it. Any help would be much appreicieted thnx !!

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    might help to post pictures.
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    I'll try and post pics tonight.

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    Could you post some pictures? If not we would need a lot more info. What color is the blank? What color are the thread wrappings? Pics would really help. I use to rep Hardy so if I see it I can probably point you in the right direction.

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    Tried uploading pics and failed. The Rod itself is reddish brown in color and the thread wrappings are orange. Other than what Ive told you and without pics I cant tell you much more about the rod . Will try uploading pics again tomorrow.

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    Hi SecretPool,

    Here is a link to a FAQ post on how to post a picture. If you need any help please let me know.


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    Thanks Frank. Going away this weekend so no time to learn new things. Will try Sunday night.

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