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Thread: 13ft 10/11 AFTM

  1. Default 13ft 10/11 AFTM

    I'll not ask about what for is 13ft rod of 10/11 AFTM, because I think I know answers
    But what you think about use it with 10/11 AFTM shooting head Ultra Fast Sink spey line?

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    I haven't tried that particular combination. Thirteen foot rods are probably the most popular length now in North America - but usually for lines in the 7-9 weight range. 10/11 lines get a lot of use here (perhaps less than a few years ago, as we find that Skagit and other short-head lines of less weight can handle just about any size fly and sinking tip). I've used 10/11 lines extensively, but with 15-16-foot rods.

    I can see your rod/line selection being useful for someone who frequently fishes smaller (in width) streams that are nevertheless fast and/or deep water. And for someone who fishes such water, and/or for large, powerful fish, but who has trouble with the weight of long rods, this may be a solution.

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    Thank you for answer!
    Yes, I'll use it in strong current on head of pool after waterfall. Is not too wide section, and I'm not a expert in double-hand rods, so this rod, which just stand in my room for long time, now can be very good one
    All I forget is fact that I have not polyleder, which is so helpful with SH - I look around for it tomorrow.
    PS. Is end of October, so large fish are Very welcome
    Tight lines!

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