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Thread: Scott or Sage

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    I'm considering a new 8 weight, 9 foot rod for both steelhead and salmon in the Michigan Rivers. The ones I've looked at are the Scott A2 (now A3) and the Sage Flight. The rod would be coupled with a Ross CLA 4 Reel.

    Any suggestions or would either of these be fine, just a matter of preference and feel?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi abrysdam,

    Those are two good rods and you will be happy with either one. The Sage Flight is just a whisker lighter but not enough to make any difference. They are both US made and a lot of rod for the money. If you can see both rods, or better yet, cast both rods and pick your favorite. Another rod in this class is the St Croix Ultra.


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    I agree that both are great. In general, Sage's have a bit softer tip, and Scott's are a bit tougher. I'd get the Scott.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I too live in Michigan, Ada to be exact & I truly enjoy fighting our
    Chrome Torpedos that migrate up into our rivers.

    I have a Thomas/Thomas 10' 7wt for Steelhead & a Scott Voyager 9' 9wt for Salmon.

    If you are thinking of staying within the price range of the rods you have
    mentioned I would tend to agree with Cliff. I'd buy the Scott.

    I do own a Sage, but it is a 4wt for trout. I've never had any problems with my Scott.

    But like Frank mentioned, cast them both & then choose the one that best fits you. That's the ultimate test.

    Tie One On

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    Next Question: The last I knew the A3's (next generation of A2 models) are coming out soon, with a pricetag of about $335. I can get the A2 model I want for $200. I'm torn because I want to support my local shop, but that's a pretty big price difference for me.

    Also, has anyone had the opportunity to try the A3 to know how they compare?

    Thanks for everyone's help.

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