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Thread: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

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    Default Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    Hello, I have been reading and joined this website for about two or three month or so and I would like to tell you that people here are very nice. I am living in north Texas and fishing sometimes at Beavers Bend OK where lots of big trouts are stocked.

    Anyway, my question is, as written in the title, what fly rod do you believe that protects tippet best?

    I had an experience where I thought I hooked up a big trout and at that time was using Temple fork Pro series 6 wt 9 foot and my tippet was 5x. I had a tug of war with the fish about 2 mins or so and it swam downstream and all of sudden swam upstream and went downstream again and snapped the tippet.
    I talked about this incident with many fly shop guys and they offered many conflicting solutions.

    Number one: (Although their wordings were kind), the bottom line was that you are a poor fly fisher man and do not blame your rod.

    Number two: Buy the most expensive rods. For example, one guy told me that I need to buy Sage Zaxis because it is such a marvelous rod that it is fast but its tip is soft to protect the tippet.

    Number three: Buy a slower rod regardless of the price of the rod in that it will absorb shocks.

    The solution so far is that I got Winston boron IIx due to its price reduction and it is a slow rod. Yesterday I hooked up a size 18 or 19 inch trout and I was fishing with boron iix 4wt but I was using 4 x tippet to net the fish.
    As you can see, I am using 4x tippet although I bought a slow expensive rod.

    If you guys have any thoughts on this, please let me know.
    Next time I am going to go down to tippet size 6 or 5 with my boron but my gut feeling says that size 18 or 19 inch trout will break your 5x tippet no matter what kind of rod you are using. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Tight lines.

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    People usually agree that medium fast rods protect tippets better...but there are other factors you have to consider...for instance the knot you use to tie your fly or the way you adjust the drag of your reel...last point which can't be explained...a feeling that comes with experience.
    Keep cool when you have a fish on...don't be afraid to lose it,you'll release him helps a lot to land big fish...

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    Another possibility...... sh*t happens

    ain't anybody here that doesn't 'long line release' a fish now and then
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    I'd make use of the reel's drag system with light tippet and big trout. A supple rod is certainly a big help, and your new Winston should be great (have fun!).
    As tippet gets smaller, testing the knot strength becomes more critical. Give the fly a decent tug after cinching down the knot, and then check it after catching fish, getting snagged, and simply casting it repeatedly. All of those things can stress the knot, and re-tying it regularly is a good idea. I used to be a 3X/4X kind of a guy, but that's a little large for the smaller flies I like to use now. Using 5X was kind of scary for a while, but now I use 6X quite often. I caught over 7 nice browns and rainbows this past May using a #20 Blue Wing Olive on 6X tippet, and lost the 8th trout at the net when the knot broke. I should have re-tied the knot LONG before that: browns have abrasive teeth, but I decided to be lazy. Some people like to palm their reel's spool, and others like to use the drag. Either way, I like to get a big fish onto the reel as quickly as possible. Tugging against the line with fine tippet will work with smaller trout, but isn't the best idea for bigger fiesty trout. I've found that tippet gets brittle after a while, and don't use old stuff. I had been using a few spools of 6X tippet this summer that I left in my car. I bought a fresh from the factory spool last week, and the breaking strength was night and day! I threw the old stuff away.

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    The first thing I would have told you was that a 6wt is on the heavy side for fishing 5x. A 4wt will protect it better than a 6wt. Its also true that a softer rod should protect it better.

    Expensive rods protecting tippet better? Horsepucky.

    Sure a 9' 6wt Scott G2 will protect 5x better than my 6wt Predator, but that's due to length, power and action, not price. (the Predator is short, stiff, and might as well be a 7wt) A $130-$150 9' 4wt Redington CT or TFO Finesse will protect tippet just as well as a $700 Z-Axis. (so yes, I'm agreeing with the slower rods protect better idea)

    What you should have been told is that how your knots are tied is more likely the culprit. Lubricating knots as you cinch them down becomes very important when you're dealing with tippet that's only starting out at 4lb break strength.

    With good knots and your new softer 4wt, you can safely assume that wind knots or subsurface abrasion are to blame for most of your break-offs.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    Hi texastroutbum,

    I am glad you are enjoying the forum.

    The softer the rod tip the more forgiving it is when fighting fish. There is no reason that a TFO Pro can't land fish much bigger than 19" with light tippets. For discussion sake lets say 5X is a light tippet. A 5X tippet breaking strength is about 4lbs. Landing a 5lb trout on a 5x tippet is not hard to do. You shouldn't have any problems landing a two pound trout on a 4lb tippet. I loose trout all of the time but very seldom do I snap the tippet. If a 5x tippet breaks it is because I get caught on rocks or limbs under the water. With a rod intended for fishing trout it is hard to apply the pressure needed to break a 5X tippet just fighting the fish.

    With your IIx you can catch 19 inch trout all day long with a 5X tippet but that is also true of the TFO Pro. You may need to sharpen you skills at catching trout. If you are catching trout using a 4X tippet why go down to the 5X? Use the 4X and work on landing fish. Then go to the 5X when you have more confidence.


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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    The shop keeper that told you that you needed to buy a more expensive rod.???

    Don't ever go back there
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    Thank you so much guys.
    There are so many things I need to learn and perhaps that makes me to like fly fishing more.
    One thing I would like to say is that I am not blaming Temple fork rod for the breakage of the tippet. I have known people working there and can tell you that the company is the one of the best companies I dealt with. And I love their finesse series.

    And as some of you are saying, since anyway I am going to release fish, I need to let go of fish from time to time.

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    Quote Originally Posted by texastroutbum View Post

    The solution so far is that I got Winston boron IIx due to its price reduction and it is a slow rod.

    Tight lines.
    BIIX a slow rod? Hell, you do have to learn a few things don't you.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: Which fly rod protects tippet best?

    Hello, Mojo.
    Thanks for pointing out that. I meant to say that it is a slower rod than other stiffer rod. I hope that I did not offend you.
    I am aware that there is some quality in Winston Boron iix which makes people to believe that it is a fast rod. The rod has a soft tip and when you swing the rod the middle section is flexible. Yet, it generates tone of line speed and can punch the fly line against the strong wind. (I witnessed that last couple of days when I was fishing in a very windy situation.)
    I do not know how one can describe this type of rod. Some people say that it is a winston feel. I would like to say that Boron iix is like a Sundae ice cream with chocolate flavor and vanilla flavor at the same time. The only way to describe this is using an oxymoron "slow-fast" rod.
    At any rate, I use the word "slow" in a conventional way. Which means that when you compare to other companies' rods which are stiff and fast, I would call Boron iix "slow" because it's middle part is flexible and its tip is soft.
    Nonetheless, I can also accept that it is a fast rod.

    Hey, teach me more. I love fly fishing.

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