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  1. Default reel seat question

    I feel silly asking this but here I go. I received my order from Cotes fly shop and I'm having a problem with the reel seat. It is in 5 pieces. I put it together , the way I thought it should go and it'll work fine the way I have it but do I epoxy it all together . It seems to me it should be glued .Is it supposed to be epoxy or not??? Are all fly reel seats disassembled like this???
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: reel seat question

    not a silly question at all ken. i've wrapped about a dozen fly rods rods and have an additional 20 reel seats waiting for builds and everyone of them, from inexpensive $10 landmark fly reel seats up through standard struble and bellingers to custom niche fly seats all came disassembled. you need to "glue" them together yourself.

    many people use some form of devcon epoxy, the type with twin plungers which can be bought at any hardware or even target store. i've never used it so will not recommend that item. i've heard too many problems with beginners using it. if you go this route, a word of warning. do not get the 5 minute version. get something which dries/sets up in a longer time span. otherwise despite however careful you might be, you could find a component misaligned while trying to get it together and once it sets, it's stuck that way. i think gudebrod or flex coat makes their own version of epoxy for rod components.

    personally, i use something called rod bond, made by U40. not the UK reggae band. it is designed specifically for assembling rod components and sets up in a few hours (i leave it overnight), and though very very tough, it allows an ever slight bit of flexibility. this is a good thing. if you continue to wrap your own rods, it would be a good investment ot get some rod bond though you'd have to order it and wait for shipping. small jars (it's a two part pasty concoction with the viscosity of vaseline so it will not run or drip like crazy onto reel seat threads) will cost you about $10 i think and should last for around 10 rods.

    if you want to be sure, snap a photo of how you dry assembled the reel seat, post it here and someone can confirm you have it correct.

    fresno, ca.

  3. Default Re: reel seat question

    Ken, I'm another recreational rod builder (21 and counting) - I agree with Eric that you should not use 5 minute epoxy, though you will hear some people suggest it for assembling / anchoring reel seats as the bond can be broken by heat. As Eric noted, I've never used it either - it does have a significant fatigue failure rate.

    I build wooden drift boats too, and have taken to ordering bulk epoxy products from System 3 - they used to have a sample kit that was cheap and would have enough materials to build dozens of rods. U40's Rod Bond is a nice epoxy product as well, though it ends up being very expensive when compared to higher volume purchases.

    Bottom line, you do need to use a "slow setting" epoxy product to assemble that rod seat. Don't forget the old carpenter's maxim - Measure twice, cut (in this case - glue) once. For me it's more like measure 30 times, glue once.

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